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Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am not a big fan of alternative therapies, but I have been alerted about a technique which has been helpful to folks called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  Some people say it has helped them a great deal.  It is supposed to reduce stress, expand physical wellbeing, and maintain positive attitudes towards life.  You don't need an expert in order to apply this technique, just follow the directions at the following link:

If you go to this website and apply this technique and find it helpful, please get back to me in the comment section so other people can benefit from this experience, or if not, stay away from it, and let us know about that experience as well.  Thanks!


  1. Absolutely amazing article. I tried it myself and it works on a deep level as well as on the surface to calm anxiety. Thank you!

  2. I learned EFT in 2003 and not only did it help me get through my difficult divorce, it helped my children deal with trauma of witnessing domestic violence... Finding it to be a powerful tool, I began working with individual clients and teaching and training this technique to others (mainly women) in workshop formats ... including specific training sessions offered exclusively to women dealing with current or past domestic violence, child custody and divorce.

    I know Joe Mercola personally, and he offers a great deal of EFT resources both in his clinic and through his website...

    I encourage others to try EFT on everything!


  3. EFT emotional freedom Vancouver is all about freeing your mind from negative energy which brings about negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors. The mind is a complex and very intricate part of your body. It works just like a computer and stores information in different compartments. When it comes to memories of things you did as a child or a long time ago, you count on your subconscious to bring back some if not all of the memories. The reason why I said some is because the subconscious strives to protect you from experiences that were not pleasant by keeping them far away from recollection. However, these bad memories are triggered by our interactions and daily activities hence bringing about bouts of negative emotions and behavior. This is the reason why some people have phobias that they cannot explain.

    For example, you may have an adult who has a very deep fear of natural waters such....article continued here: