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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Shawn R. Beals and Alaine Griffin of The Hartford Courant, with help from Christine Dempsey, report as follows:

"MIDDLETOWN — The father who was with his baby when the 7-month-old dropped to his death into the Connecticut River was arraigned Wednesday on murder and capital felony charges at Hartford Hospital.

[Sloper observation:  Yup, Moreno just happened to BE WITH the baby when it DROPPED--The Hartford Courant has no idea how, I guess.]

State judicial officials say Tony Moreno was arraigned, but Middletown police declined to say what he's been charged with. Police said they would be holding a press conference later Wednesday.

A source familiar with the investigation said Moreno was arraigned on the charges of murder and capital felony with bail set at $2.1 million. He was also charged with two counts of violation of a restraining order, apparently related to a temporary restraining order that was issued in June. Capital felony can be charged for a murder of a victim under 16.

Moreno, 22, was rescued from the river after jumping Sunday night. He was airlifted to Hartford Hospital..."

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*This article has some interesting information regarding the CT Judicial Branch response to this case.


  1. This is absolutely horrendous. And Chief Administartor Carroll's self-serving and apologetic statement only adds salt to the wound. Or maybe we should more correctly add to his statement ".......what these judges face each and every day" is.... "and unfortunately they habitually and with all too frequent bias, rule to the detriment of the safety of mother and children". There is ZERO reason for this travesty to have occurred. There was also ZERO reason not to err on the side of sheer caution and safety-first and issue the permanent order. I hope Judge Pinkus is impeached and is removed from the bench. Actually, I hope his conscience literally eats him alive.

  2. I think every reader of this blog, every damaged citizen of the State of CT's Family Court, should immediately go to the Legislative Judiciary Committee website and mass email each and every one of the committee members (it's right there for the click-on) immediately. Saying WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW AND ACTUALLY FINALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT??

  3. The Family Courts are a bunch of power hungry thieves feeding on domestic abuse or what the coin "conflict" to make the industry money and create reasons to have a job. The judge in this article is the same judge who gave Joshua K. sole custody weeks before he murdered the Petits. He saw the parties in this case as two people who didn't get along. You've got to be kidding! It's outrageous for court personnel to get up publicly and say the system is not broken!

    Do you know how many times a victim of domestic abuse is put in the same pot with the abuser in Family Court? Every time there is domestic abuse and it's standard practice! They call it "conflict" and the court then goes on to force to he victim to mediate with the abuser at something like the Peace Program with Dr. Thayer...a PhD who will go on to say the victim is just as responsible as the perpetrator!

    If you didn't have a mental illness before your encounter with family court, you are sure to leave with one if you and your children make it out alive. They don't care who dies or what happens as long as the industry gets supported by the dollars flowing in from the abuse. Its not "conflict" and they need to start calling it what it is! In reality the "conflict" is sanctioned domestic violence that the family courts and industry attorneys allow without any care as to the fallout.

    No one at the legislature in the State of Connecticut cares either and have turned a deaf ear for years to bill after bill seeking protections for mothers and children in the family courts only to let more women and children die. Another reason to move out of this sorry state to another where women and children are protected by the laws where the legislators actually listen to the people instead of bowing to the courts.