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Thursday, September 6, 2018


Karin Wolf, Director of WCLU

By Elizabeth A. Richter

Before I proceed, I just wanted to mention that I grew up in New Jersey and that I lived in Princeton, NJ for most of my life.  I am also a graduate of Princeton High School, Class of 1974.  So I have deep ties to New Jersey which have led me to see fit to respond today regarding the charges against Karin Wolf.

To be upfront, I also do wish to mention that I am on the Board of Directors of the Women's Civil Liberties Union, an organization Karin Wolf founded.  

According to a recent article, Karin Wolf was arrested a few days ago and charged with "abducting" her 14 year old daughter from Glen Rock, New Jersey.  I don't know why the authorities call this abduction since it is pretty clear to me that the child involved came along voluntarily.  After all, Karin Wolf is her mother.  

The article continues on to state that Ms. Wolf is currently being held in a correctional facility--York Correctional Institution in Niantic, CT.  From what I have heard, she is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail, which I consider an absurd amount of money.  That's enough money to secure the appearance of a murderer, and Karin Wolf is far from being that.  On the contrary, she is a loving mother, a victim of family court injustice, who simply wanted to be with her daughter; she is absolutely, by no means, guilty of child abduction.

It troubles me, therefore, to see that so many articles on Karin Wolf and her child published in New Jersey newspapers fail to mention essential facts pertinent to the story which would clear her of these charges. For instance, none of them mention anything in regard to the background when it comes to Ms. Wolf's case.  Let me take this opportunity now to fill you in.

Like many who are victims of domestic violence, in Family Court Karin Wolf lost custody of her children in a rigged court proceeding where she was denied the funds to pursue her legal case, denied the representation of an attorney, and denied the due process right to present evidence to the Court and have sufficient opportunity to prepare her case.  Further, like many Family Court victims, when Karin Wolf attempted to obtain relief from the Federal Court system, her case was dismissed on shaky and illegal grounds.  

Some articles mention that Karin Wolf was accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), a quack theory developed by one of New Jersey's own--the late Dr. Richard Gardener.  PAS is widely disregarded by the vast majority of mental health professionals, and is a standard response abusers provide when they are caught in their wrong doing.  In short, there has been no commonsense basis ever for denying Karin Wolf access to her children, and yet she was denied access simply because she didn't have the financing, the influence, or the ability to rig the system that her ex had.  

In addition, Family Court systems across the country, including that in New Jersey, have a mandate to show preference to fathers in cases where custody is in dispute.  That is the context within which I think it is important for you to understand Karin Wolf's case.  It is also important for you to note that today the problem of injustice and corruption in America's Family Court system is a widespread issue and that millions of people throughout the country have been protesting and speaking out against the wrongdoing they have experienced in Family Court, particularly abused women, including Karin. This is why the rights of women and enforcing laws against discrimination play such an important role in the mission of the Women's Civil Liberties Union.

I also note that articles on Karin Wolf did not mention that the father of the children involved in this case is dead. They don't disclose that the children were placed in the custody of the non biologically related step-mother in a hearing Karin Wolf was never informed about, and where she never had an opportunity to present her case for taking custody of her children.  

When Family Courts act illegally and seize children from fit parents, it is a travesty for them to subsequently jail these parents when they attempt to defend themselves and their children. The corruption, injustice and--let's face it--outright misogyny towards women cannot be cloaked by terms as misleading as "abduction."  Karin Wolf didn't abduct anyone; she restored her daughter to her rightful place in her mother's arms.  


  1. I cannot believe the father of Karin's children is dead. Who is pursuing this matter then? The stepmother? Being placed with a step mother, a non biological parent, is ludicrous. This just happened to a friend of mine. She lives in Cali, her ex in NC. Her ex is the biological father of their son, BUT not their daughter. A judge awarded the ex custody of BOTH children. Mom is the biological mother of her daughter, but she now lives with her step father and his new wife in NC, clear across the country. The children had been living with the mother in Cali since the divorce. The father files a motion, containing false allegations, and wins custody. How does a judge award custody to a non-bio parent? The judges reason was he didn't want to split up siblings. Then keep them where they've always been, with mom! Mom lives with her mother, who is well off, but the judge used this against her claimed she couldn't support herself and the kids.Of course, now mom only gets to see her children twice a year. Her children were literally ripped from her arms in that court room and were required to get on a plane the very next day to move with dad. Why wouldn't the judge give the children time to prepare and pack? Makes no sense. Mom raised nearly $50k with a GFM to appeal the case, but apparently she needed double that to file an appeal. Why should the average citizen have to spend $100k to file an appeal? This is ridiculous. As for the comments on this post regarding Parental Alienation, we all have to find a common ground on PA. PA is real, I know, I lived it for 10 years. Stop talking about Gardner and using his junk science as an excuse that it doesn't exist. There is a great divide between DV victims and those truly affected by PA. While I realize some parents are falsely accused of PA, not all are false allegations. There are competent professionals out there who know the difference. Completely debunking Parental Alienation is only going to hurt the family rights community as a whole. Find common ground on this.

    1. Regarding finding "common ground on this" no, we absolutely cannot lend any credibility to this bogus theory that was created SOLELY to discredit children's abuse disclosures to assist the abusive parent in gaining unsupervised custody of the child. When an abuser sets out to turn the child against a healthy parent it is called DV by proxy. Mothers are losing custody to their and their children's abusers based on a debunked theory that no reputable body of psychology accepts for very good reason.

    2. Corruption & Abuse & False Allegations must be exposed and stopped!

      I’m copying a letter written on April 10, 2015 by Marisa Ringel Fairfield, CT in which she provides names of corrupt and unethical attorneys, lawyers, and gals. Janis or Janice Laliberte or La liberte in CT, as GAL was so abusive that she may have caused Jonathan Rich to commit suicide, and there are other cases of corruption; however, the letter was written originally in her opposition of reappointment of Chief Justice Rogers.


      I am going to define my use of the word “mob” here as a group of people, 2 or more, who come together each acting outside of their profession’s code of ethics and code of conduct and whom work together to place their own self-interests, and own group interests, higher in priority than the duties that they have been sworn in to, or licensed, to preform.

      I am going to ask you all to agree with me that “to get a referral” = “to get cash”. When I am saying the word “Referrals”
      = I want you to picture the cash value of that referral trading hands. In the Connecticut divorce industry, if a judge or counsel refers a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) to be appointed on a matter, that judge or counselor is handing that GAL a cash value. When a GAL refers an evaluator or mental health professional and the judge makes it into an order, well, what really happened is that a cash value transaction is taking place. Gavel becomes cash register. Judge becomes broker.

      GALs hand out cash values in referrals to mental health professionals. Counsels hand out referrals for a GAL. Judges give referrals to a GAL. There is a lot of cash value wrapped up in the referral circle. And there are alliances, very thick, walled-ones going on that will protect the flow of referrals and keep it amongst themselves. There are mobs in this state operating in what I will call “Referral Rings”. If you believe, like I believe, that referrals=cash, then we what we can really call these rings is “Cash Rings”.

      Referral Rings can consist of counsel, GAL, evaluators, therapists, supervising center, family relations personel, and even a judge sometimes. The game is “Let’s form a judicial order ring-around-the-rosey with the litigant in the middle and make all his/her moneies fall down.” The judges orders seal the ring tight. The shake down begins. 10K here, 5K there, 20K over there to that one, before you know it, in a short time, that litigant stuck in the middle of the judge-ordered referral ring is out tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. GONE before you can say “Am I divorced yet?”

      If a complaint gets out, it gets denied by the Statewide Grievance Board – because mob players sit on the panel. If a Judicial Complaint gets filed you may have a complaint you filed be reviewed by the judge you complained about. Yes. That is actually happening. (see next post - continued on next post)

    3. Corruption & Abuse & False Allegations must be exposed and stopped!: (2nd post -continued)
      The goal in many parts of the judicial process appears to be to pass the party through all facets of the referral ring via court orders, aka judge-brokered deals, so each member of the mob gets a piece of the litigants assets. Those are pretty serious allegations to make. It’s not pleasant for me to have to be put in a position where I feel like it would be a grave disservice to my fellow citizens of Connecticut, to my own self and kids, to not say something. Anyone that votes for Chief State Justice Chase Rogers to stay in office, is out of touch with what is happening in these courts and I would suggest you put voting on pause for a month or two while each of you sit-in on some family law cases involving Ceil Gersten, Mary Bringham, Margaret Bozek, Steve Dembo, Gary Cohen, Erika Wikstrom, Christopher Goulden, Janis Laliberti, Sue Coiseneu and then go interview or survey parties of people that have been involved with these people on their case and ask if these forenamed people played fair. Did they fight dirty? Did they fight unethically? Did they collude with others? Did they fight with a total disregard for the consequences they caused you to suffer? Were their services they charged for useful to anyone but themselves? These people need to be investigated – the parties that had to have them on their cases need to be surveyed. From what I have seen, read, heard, compiled already these are some of the members of mobs putting their own self-interests over that which they have been sworn in to perform and have been licensed to bill for. This is a group of people that should be put on notice or have their licenses revoked. You can book an appointment with me to go over some data of why I say these things if you like.

      I would like the case of Jonathan Rich investigated and any other litigant that committed suicide while in the throws of the Connecticut family court process. He was a Richfield, CT father who jumped in front of a truck on i-84 in Danbury on August, 2013 leaving behind two minor children. Atty. Janis Laliberte served as a GAL in that matter. She serves as opposing counsel in my matter and I find her an unethical, dirty player whom, with her client, whom almost drove me to my death in Nov. 2010. I want to know her role and the other attorneys’ role with Jonathan Rich’s suicide. There is really dirty business. Filthy, rotten dirty business going on in Connecticut family court. Where, in the best-interest-of-the-child, takes a back seat to in-the-best-interest of the referrals origination and the cash ring.

      It’s a new day in crime… the crime of the frivolous referral made into court order, brokered by a judge, forcing a litigant to drain their savings to dump into the members of the mob, the referral ring’s pockets. Referals = Cash.

      During the 1980s we saw the Wall Street insider trading crimes, theft with insider knowledge, theft with stock shares, theft with knowledge to gain for oneself with a outright criminal disregard of how that knowledge transfer would cause detrimental consequences to other shareholders, other humans. Here in our family courts we are seeing “referral rings” solidified by judicial orders. It feels like mugging by gavel-point, instead of by gun-point. The only difference is one gets far fewer dollars taken from them at gun-point than by gavel-point. It’s enough to drive anyone mad and to drive people over the edge. I have been collecting responses and trying to analyze it all. I see major problems, and bigger ones coming if we don’t clean up this mess.

    4. Corruption & Abuse & False Allegations must be exposed and stopped!: (3d post -continued)
      I have grave concerns about the state of our judicial branch. I lost my trust in it as I have witnessed first-had that family court in Connecticut has become a place where, often times, the more dishonest, more unfair, more uncompromising and more aggressive litigants thrive and prevail in judicial judgment, while the more honest, more fair and less aggressive people are punished via gavel and orders, or via colluding GAL and their family relations peers. Book an appointment with me to look at the data. It is not just me, and my case, that I am referring to. If you have seen what I have seen you would be here to saying these things.

      I have zero confidence nor trust that the attorneys on my case were, or are, looking to resolve matters more than they are looking for lucrative incomes. And, in more recent years, since the first public hearing on these matters on Jan. 9, 2014, I believe they are looking to punish me for filing a grievance and speaking out publicly against them. They and Judge Klatt made a suspension of my parenting time permanent, within weeks of my public testimony and my ex husband never even filed a motion for that. Keep in mind the only grievance I filed to date against Atty. Erika Wikstrom was after my first seven years of this mess with matters becoming exponentially worse when a Milford bar mob entered my case and we started going in front of Judge Corrine Klatt. There is no doubt in my mind that what I was witnessing was collusion. I have zero trust in the judicial process. I give up on it unless you here in the judicial committee start to take measures to fix it.
      I filed a grievance against Atty. Erika Wikstrom, and in turn Atty. Erika Wikstrom hired Atty. Christopher Goulden who sits on the Statewide Grievance Panel. So I would like to ask the judiciary committee to ask Chief Justice Chase Rogers and the head of the family law section, Allen Palmer, how that is allowed and not grounds for discipline. That is the definition to me of Conflict of Interest at the very least. The word corruption also comes to mind and may be appropriate to use here.

      If I am in Bridgeport and I have had Judge Corrine Klatt on my matter, I am going to have every motion I file denied as a self-represented party and I am going to have the relationship with my child severed permanently if I speak out in a public hearing about the Milford Family Law mob which is what happened at the end of January when the GAL told her that I had given testimony and spoken out about the need to reform our courts. If I am in Stamford with Judge Collins, he’s going to take steps to make sure that I am not isolated from my son like I am in the Bridgeport Court system with certain Judges on my matter and help me not be bullied by my ex husband, I observed Judge Collins rule in a productive, methodical way handing down a memorandum of justice with a caliber of judicial integrity that is absent in my case. The case was a very similar matter to mine. Justice depends on which judge you are in front of. You are either going to get it, or not, depending on who you get assigned to stand in front of and how much money you have.OUTSOURCING OF JUDICAL RESPONSIBILITIES HAS BECOME A NORM
      Custody Decisions were outsourced by Judge Corrine Klatt to the GAL Atty. Erika Wikstrom, who operates like a business partner to opposing counsel, Janis Laliberti instead of operating like an objective 3rd party as her role is defined by law.

      Custody Decisions were outsourced to the GAL Atty. Erika Wikstrom by Judge Corrine Klatt and to Dr. Harry Adamonkos. Judge Corrine Klatt rules I can not have the 1-mos suspension of my parenting time I signed to give father and son a chance to hang out and figure our some teenage issues lifted until Dr. Harry Adamokos says so.

    5. Corruption & Abuse & False Allegations must be exposed and stopped!: (5h post -continued)
      My case number is like a prison number to me FBT-FA-05-4005711-S keeping my son from his mother and me from my son. This is of an alarming concern with how disrespecting of our mother-child relationship I have experienced by our state’s family court. I have to appear in court multiple times a year and I have to endure the psychological hold on me knowing that there is always litigation to prepare for, defend for, wait for, or show up for, or fill out forms for, write checks for, miss work for – for over ten-years
      non-stop. I have found that the judicial system wants to rig my case to blame me 100% for their malfunction, malpractices and as a way to cover up the corruption and to get me to stop speaking out. They are trying to belittle and intimidate me into silence.

      Connecticut parents have been scourged by unspeakable acts of legal abuse by judges, lawyers-­‐appointed-­‐as-­‐GALs, AMCs, court-­‐appointed psychologists, psychiatrists, court-­‐ordered therapists, supervised visitation centers operating in their own best financial interests and not in the best interests of children of the State of Connecticut. We view the challenge to the Honorable Chase Rogers to be an important moment to define the rights of parents as superordinate than that of the rights of government to enter the private realm of familial association as a Ninth Amendment Unenumerated Right for parents to defend as “’sacred’ ground”

      On April 1, 2014, when the Judiciary Committee reconvened after the public hearing that went until 10:30am to 11:45pm, Senator John Kissel, spoke to his fellow members of the committee. “The information that other states are trying to get their arms around this… we need to catch up in this area.” Referring to GALs sitting in court billing
      $300 dollars per hour “That system has just run amuk. There are lots and lots of good GALs. There are lots and lots of good family court judges and family court lawyers. But it does appear to me that over the last several years, in some pockets of our state that it has become a cottage industry to the detriment of litigants, especially those that don’t thrive on high stress. But most importantly, it has harmed the children. There is no way that I can believe that forcing people into bankruptcy, or foreclosure, or wiping out collage funds is any way beneficial to the minor child in a custody fight. There is just no rational basis for this.”

      “That’s just not fair to people. It needs to be rationalized. It needs to be brought under control.”

      “The parts of this bill that I wish would go further, is, I do believe that GALs need a boss, need someone that they can report to, and hold them accountable. I think this is great first step. I think it gets us way down the road in a first session than I ever thought that we would get. No two ways about it, if you can say that someone is not following code of conduct and ethical standards than you will have grounds to challenge their behavior. And, putting judges in a position where they’re going to set up the rules, and put up the parameters and hold folks accountable for their billing is a great step forward….I think that other states are way ahead of us when they establish some kind of overarching commission, or authority, to review these matters in an objective process. We are not there yet…. I think we are going to have to, at some point get our arms around that...At the end of the day we can do much better.”

      As a parent I want to ensure that legislators in Hartford hear our message on behalf of the families in crisis going through Connecticut's family court system. Too many of Connecticut's divorcing families are being exploited by profit-­‐maximizers circling Connecticut's divorce industry looking for highly lucrative incomes at the expense of families.

    6. Corruption & Abuse & False Allegations must be exposed and stopped!: (6h & final post -continued)
      Children are in the middle of these adversarial sides while profit-­‐seeking lawyers and Guardian Ad Litems (GALs) are increasingly empowered as judicial discretion has expanded under the administration of Chief Justice Rogers. Past testimony at the legislature on January 9, 2014, March 31, 2014 resulted in the first stage of family court reform which was unanimously passed by the House and the Senate on April 25, 2014. Now is the time for significant measures and significant reform.



      Thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am also from NJ and have followed Karin for some time. These accusations are outrageous as is the bail that was set. Once she is extradited to NJ I wonder if the bail amount will change? Just last year NJ implemented bail reform measures so that people who are not wealthy will not be forced to sit in jail for non-violent crimes. I sure hope this will apply to Karin. If there is anything I can do, please say the word.

  3. This is absolutely outrageous! The stepmother KNOWS the children belong with their mother and by holding them hostage she is guilty of child abuse. I pray she comes to her senses and Karin finds some decent lawyer that knows how to help her!

  4. How do we get the TRUTH and the FACTS to the public?

  5. I was accused of PA, in California, when I was trying to protect my kids from their abusive father. I had to go to criminal court, along with ALL men, who were there for drug charges, drunk driving, and exposing themselves in public. I got a lecture from the first judge that I should not have kept the children from their father, and he spit out the words to me- "hire a CRIMINAL attorney and show up in CRIMINAL court to answer to these charges". It was three days before Christmas. I did hire that attorney, and did show up in criminal court. The FEMALE DA said that my ex called her office daily for four months, and her boss insisted that I get charged with PA, to get my ex to stop calling them. She offered to my attorney to "let" me work 300 hours of community service, and be on formal probation for two years! My attorney persuaded her to give me NO community hours, and to be on informal probation for 6 months. But the judge told me that I had to drive the kids to their father's house 3 days a week, 30 minute drive, and even if the kids refused to get out of the car, I had to continue driving them. And I was told that if I was more than 10 minutes late, the deal would be revoked and I would go to jail. Maybe there are some real PA stories out there, but my case was a total SCAM. It was a nightmare, but I made it through, and got full custody of my kids the next year, from a different judge.

  6. "Family court systems across the country have a mandate to show preference to fathers in cases where custody is in dispute". Where do you come up with this stuff? If you want to be taken seriously then stop lying and present the "facts", not your delusional version of the situation. Your quote says it all about your completely warped perspective.

  7. No matter how violent and criminal a father is, Family Courts still give them custody. See link to the story of a 7 year old girl killed by her father who had a lengthy criminal history which the Courts ignored:

    1. Yup another idiot rampage by some murderous, out of control father. See link:

  8. And no matter how crazy a Mother is she always gets custody. The FACTS are that the Mother gets primary custody in over 80% of all divorces in the US. Know your facts before you make such ridiculous statements.

    1. This statement is simply grossly incorrect. In a good majority of cases, sensible fathers who know that all along the mothers have been caretakers of their children, or Mothers who know that the father was the primary caretaker generally agree to good terms of divorce because they are aware of what roles they have played in the marraige. However, in cases where the father disputes custody 70% of the time he will get custody, and if there is an issue of child sexual abuse raised, the father will get custody 85% of the time. Beyond that the major increase in fathers as sole custodians of their children tells a story in and of itself. However, folks like "Anonymous" above continue to spread the old story that no Mother will be denied custody because if the public knew exactly how wrong that information is, if they knew how many wonderful, loving mothers have been tossed out like garbage and denied access to their children, there would be a widespread cry of outrage. The father's rights movement has been pushing back against the feminist movement since the 80s and have been working together in a well coordinated and well funded effort to deny mothers their parental rights as a means to reestablish male dominance in our culture. This goes along with denying women medical care, contraception and the right to choose, all high up there on the agenda for father's rights people and conservatives. So when you hear the kind of garbage similar to the ignorant comment above, recognize the lie, acknowledge the context, be warned about the father fascist movement.

  9. Maybe you ought to familiarize yourself with this case. Karin was never abused by her ex-husband. The step mom is not holding the children hostage. And the daughter was not taken from NJ, she was taken from North Carolina, and brought to CT.
    Get your stories straight.

    1. The fact that Karin was denied all access to her children is by definition abuse. Oh, then if the step mom is not holding the children hostage, why doesn't she just drop the charges. However, it is, the daughter is perfectly happy with her real Mom so why doesn't the step mom leave it alone? Is it because she wants to exploit the kids. She is not the mother; she has nothing to do with this family.

  10. As the post above correctly points out, why don't you present facts instead of making up your own version of the situation. Your comments about men getting custody the majority of time are just patently false. Do a little research and google the subject and you will see many articles from credible news sources which clearly show that women get primary custody between 70-90% of the time. Men get primary custody only 8-14% of the time so it's not even close. Stop the ridiculous lies!

    1. In a CUSTODY DISPUTE fathers get custody 70% of the time, and get custody 85% of the time if abuse is alleged. Where you obtain your data is that most sensible father's knowing that mothers are the primary custodians of the kids agreee to have mothers take custody and there is no custody dispute. This is because these father's have common sense and are putting the best interests of their children first and foremost. Father's who dispute custody in cases with fit mothers are scumbags and troublemakers and narcissistic abusers for the better part.

  11. Your comments are so discriminatory against men that they show how biased your comments are. What, woman are just given the children because they are better parents??? How ridiculous do you sound in today's environment of exposing discriminatory practices? If you want to have a blog what has any credibility then you need to be at least a little bit objective. Otherwise, just shut the blog down as it just makes you look even more foolish.