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Saturday, December 28, 2013


The Connecticut Law Tribune reports that in 2013 pretty much zero appeals by self represented parties were certified for the Connecticut Supreme Court.  Why are we not surprised!
"Of 49 pro se petitions filed in 2013, the grant rate was 0.0 percent. It may be that every single one of them lacked merit. But we wonder."

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Friday, December 20, 2013


"The ex-wife of former Bush administration lawyer John Michael Farren has been awarded $28.6 million in damages by a Connecticut jury who found him liable for beating her nearly to death at their New Canaan mansion in 2010.
The verdict came in Mary Margaret Farren's lawsuit against her ex-husband, a White House lawyer for President George W. Bush and general counsel for Xerox Corp. Farren was liable for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, Stamford Superior Court jurors found Tuesday. The attack allegedly occurred after Mary Farren, who is also a lawyer, informed her husband she was filing for divorce."

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


"The statistics are stark and unsettling. Lawyers have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Attorneys suffer from drug and alcohol addiction at twice the rate of the general population. And 25 percent of male attorneys and 40 percent of female lawyers experience clinical depression during their careers—once again, more than any other profession."
Why are we not surprised!  Being a criminal and exploiting vulnerable people on a daily basis takes a lot out of a person!

Monday, November 25, 2013



New Financial Affidavits11/22/13 --
The Judicial Branch has created two new financial affidavits - JD-FM-6 SHORT and JD-FM-6 LONG, based on the recommendations of the Family Commission. The work involved the combined efforts of many individuals over an extended period of time and everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated. 
The reasons for creating the new forms include:
  • a more user-friendly format for the parties, the attorneys, the Judges, and the Family Support Magistrates;
  • a more accurate and comprehensive listing of finances; and
  • an increased accountability of the filer.
The threshold criteria for using one version rather than the other pertains to the party’s annual gross income and total net assets being above or below $75,000. The Office of the Chief Court Administrator has approved these new forms in accordance with Practice Book Sections 25-30 and 25a-15, and they are to be used effective January 1, 2014.

When completed online, these forms are fillable. Also, very soon, the forms will be available with additional electronic functionality that permits the expansion or reduction in the size of certain selected fields of the forms. Hard copies of both new forms will be available at the Judicial District Clerks Offices and the Court Service Centers.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I have been sitting through the last few days listening to what people have had to say about the day John F. Kennedy was shot.  This discussion has definitely brought back my memories of the past.  I have a vague recollection of listening to reports regarding the assassination on my parent's radio which was the size of a large cabinet.  At that time, we did not have a television, probably not because they weren't available, but because my parents didn't really believe in them.  They thought television stunted your mental growth and stopped people from communicating with one another, and they were probably right! 
I suppose that after JFK's death, Jacqueline Kennedy mourned the loss of her role as Queen of Camelot, the loss of all that attention, publicity and fanfare, but do you think she actually mourned the man?  I am just saying that considering the well known fact that Kennedy was constantly unfaithful to her with various women.  Is it possible that, privately, Jacqueline Kennedy found her husband's death a bit of a relief?  Because even while she was being lionized and broadly admired for her marriage to the public man, the heroic, handsome President of the United States, privately she was having to put up with a real Son of a Bitch.  Jacqueline Kennedy was lucky that no one knew this information at the time so she was able to move on with her life without having to air her dirty laundry. 
Mary Richardson Kennedy, however, was not so lucky! 
Her husband, Robert Kennedy, Jr. filed for divorce and seized custody of their children in a nasty and vicious proceedings that led to her ultimate suicide by hanging at the age of 52 on May 16, 2012.  In the aftermath of her death, I have been struck by the way in which the Kennedy family and the media as a whole have conspired to use the stigma of mental illness as a means to blackball Mary Richardson Kennedy and vindicate Robert Kennedy Jr. of any responsibility for his role in the death of his wife. 
In doing so, the media has particularly scrutinized Mary's life and sifted through every detail of it in order to assess it for some kind of psychiatric failing, while simultaneously ignoring or skating over similar information in regard to Robert Kennedy's life. 
Of course, I have described this phenomenon in depth when it comes to divorce proceedings in the State of Connecticut where the Court subjects accomplished women to accusations of mental illness while leaving psychopathic ex husbands free to cause harm and damage to their children. 
In the case of the Kennedy family, the theory I'm hearing the Kennedy family and the sycophant media they control use is the one that I call "the evil genius" theory, i.e. the concept that while the person appears to be perfectly fine on the surface, deep down the person is cleverly hiding a completely different crazy self who is carrying out, or potentially capable of carrying out, all sorts of evil deeds. 
Thus, Nancy Collins of The Daily Beast* says, "The Story of Mary Richardson Kennedy is a tale of two Marys, one told by those who lived with her, the other by those who did not for whom she was "the life of the party..." 
And further she quotes an anonymous friend of the Kennedy family, "She [Mary] was a beautiful, charming, enthusiastic, devoted, loving mother, but Mary had serious demons that she could not get under control." 
And again, "Whatever the state of Richardson's private darkness, it was invariably eclipsed by her public glow." 
And then the clincher from Kerry Kennedy, "Mary's was a classic mental was as if she'd been invaded by a foreign body."
Yes, we know that's it--Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde--the typical "evil genius"  Or is it "the Invasion of the Body Snatchers!" 
Of course, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is just fine--none of that doubleness in his constitution, no siree! 
By way of proving that Mary Richardson Kennedy had a split personality indicating severe psychiatric difficulties, Nancy Collins of The Daily Beast then goes into Richardson's past history sketching out a mental health background that apparently began in early adolescence.  
"Indeed," she says, "according to documents seen exclusively by The Daily Beast" Richardson had mental health issues from early adolescence through her first year of Marriage.
Seen exclusively by The Daily Beast?  Really!  So no one else gets to see these documents and verify they are genuine and have not been tampered with?  No one in Mary Richardson's camp has the opportunity to apply the interpretation of their own psychiatrists to these records?  I guess that approach to medical records removes the need for fairness and neutrality. 
Furthermore, I'd like to know how private psychiatric records protected by HIPPA law can make their way into the hands of a journalist.  I think we would all love to have the opportunity to delve into Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s psychiatric records, but unfortunately, they are not available. 
This happens frequently in so many situations because men, particularly psychopathic men who know better and intend to set up their ex wives for take down, often do not seek psychiatric care, while women are far more likely to seek medical care should they ever feel the need.  The end result is that in situations where abusive men use the legal system to harass and torture their ex wives, there is much more negative psychiatric material available in regard to the mothers than there is in regard to the fathers. 
Be that as it may, as proof of Mary Richardson Kennedy's dark side, Nancy Collins points out that Mary struggled with depression and anorexia from early adolescence until around the age of 29.   At 22, she was hospitalized for that condition at Mclean Hospital for a period of three months, a fairly lengthy stay which was standard for the time.  Further Ms. Collins reports on two documented suicide attempts, one in 1985 and one in 1986.  However, from 1989 until 2005 when her marriage began to deteriorate, for approximately 16 years, Mary Richardson Kennedy basically remained stable. 
Meanwhile, was there any reason to consider Robert Kennedy, Jr. the picture of mental health? 
But does Nancy Collins tell us about that? 
I mean, why bother to be fair or anything! 
If you look at Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s personal history it appears that in 1983, Robert Kennedy, Jr. was arrested at the Rapid City, South Dakota Airport for heroin possession.  Wikipedia states "A search of his carry-on baggage uncovered 182 milligrams of the drug.  Upon entering a plea of guilty, Kennedy, then 29 years old, was sentenced to two years of probation, periodic tests for drug use, treatment by joining Narcotics Anonymous, and 1,500 hours of community service." 
Oh, and talking about Bobby's teenaged years, "Following his father's death, Kennedy had difficulty coping and got in trouble at home and with the law, getting arrested for loitering and marijuana possession." 
So one was a nutcase, and the other was a criminal, but only one was an "evil genius" with a double personality. 
Yeah, you guessed it, our schizo is Mary Richardson Kennedy, the Mom who lost custody of her children, who was left alone in her large empty mansion to contemplate the power of the Kennedy political machine and the minimal likelihood that she would ever get them back. 
Now, I understand that she lost custody because she had been drinking, which she should not have done, and she bumped up on a curb with her car because she was under the influence, which again she should not have done.  Her attorney acknowledges that after Robert Kennedy, Jr. filed for divorce Mary began to have a drinking problem for which she needed treatment.
But were the children honestly any better off with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?  I mean, honestly, how many of his staff was he fucking? 
This brings us to this year's discovery of Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s private diary dated 2001 in which he describes having affairs with 37 women and talks about struggling with what he called "lust demons."  Oh, really.  "Lust demons."!  According to Lindsay Lowe of Parade Magazine**, the diary further reveals "Kennedy's ongoing guilt over his seemingly compulsive need to have affairs with multiple women."  Not only that, apparently Kennedy kept track of the women he had sex with, noting down their names and grading them from 1 to 10 based upon how far along he got, i.e. 10 meant that he had sexual intercourse with them.  How tawdry is that?  
If this was what Bobby was up to just for the year 2001, imagine what was going on for the entirety of their marriage!  Now I'm not sure when she found it, since that is not reported, but apparently she did find this diary and was aware of what was going on.  I can imagine how devastating it was to find out.  I don't know how any woman could stay in a relationship knowing that was going on. 
Still, it isn't Robert Kennedy, Jr. who ends up with the psychiatric diagnosis; it is Mary Richardson who ends up with the diagnosis. 
Here we are from Dr. John Gunderson of Mclean Hospital (not the brightest bulb in the box from what I've heard).   In 2009, while the divorce was being negotiated, Dr. Gunderson diagnosed Mary with Borderline Personality Disorder.  Of course, BPD is the favorite diagnosis of every mental health professional who ever had anything against an intelligent, annoying, disrespectful, upstart type woman. 
And imagine, Mary Richardson Kennedy had been treated at McLean previously without receiving any such a diagnosis, in fact she'd lived for 50 years, half a century, before getting that diagnosis, but all of a sudden, during her divorce and probably court ordered psychiatric evaluation, bingo, she's got it. 
Robert Kennedy, Jr., however, gets a clean bill of health. 
As you can see, I'm not buying it. 
I believe Robert Kennedy, Jr. has some form of psychopathy which led him to drive his wife over the edge.  This is the same kind of psychopathy that I faced with my ex husband and so many other women have faced who are trapped in high conflict divorces in the cases I've described on this blog. 
First of all, Robert Kennedy decided to announce he was going to get a divorce right on father's day which has to be the most hurtful thing imaginable to do to your ex.  I love those men who decide to make that announcement on mother's day, father's day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the anniversary of your wedding, just so they can stick the knife in as deeply as possible. 
Then even after saying he was getting a divorce, Nancy Collins reports that Kennedy continued to lead Mary Richardson on.  Thus, even though he had a girlfriend, he would still give Mary enough encouragement to stay hopeful. 
Mary Richardson's attorney, Peter Bienstock, talked about how Robert Kennedy would push Mary's buttons, anger, frustrate and belittle her into taking a drink, provoking her to act in self destructive ways.  Then, when Mary lost control of herself, Robert would become very calm--he would never raise his voice. 
I guess that was because he got what he wanted.  Personally, I find that really creepy. 
Finally, one of Mary Richardson's friends stated, "Bobby knew how to keep Mary off balance--he wielded power over her using emotional Ping-Pong, idealizing her one minute, putting her down the next.  Mary hung on to the positive moment hoping to get another.  And, if not, maybe she could figure out how to get it back, always striving to please."  
In other words, Robert Kennedy, Jr. like any good psychopath, exercised complete control over his ex wife, manipulating and dominating her right up to the end.  
Honestly, there are many things that we will never know about what went on with this couple,  But one thing I do know is how the family court system crushes and destroys people, how the incendiary statements that people make in affidavits and motions cause lifelong damage and destruction.  Clearly, for a person as sensitive and caring as Mary Richardson was, this was far more than she could handle. 
If you want to put a psychiatric label on that go ahead.  You think Robert Kennedy, Jr. doesn't deserve one himself, you're nuts!


*Nancy Collins, "New Questions Arise About Mary Richardson Kennedy's Suicide", The Daily Beast, May 16, 2013.

**Lindsay Lowe, "Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Secret Diary Reportedly Reveals Dozens of Affairs, Parade Magazine, September 9, 2013.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013


For those of you who expressed concerns regarding the appointment of Attorney Carolyn Signorelli, I am happy to report good news.

Rep Cafero has explained that this was wholly unintentional and he is going to take care of this error by appointing a mental health professional with an expertise in family systems to the task force so that we will be functioning fully under the law by the next task force meeting on November 26.

While so many of us have been hurt by the machinations of family court and we are sometimes ready to see bad intentions everywhere, I sincerely believe this was an innocent oversight.
I am looking forward to seeing the task force move forward productively now that this correction has been made.


The Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), in partnership with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), announces the selection of four courts to participate in the Family Court Enhancement Project (FCEP) to improve custody and visitation decision-making for families who have experienced domestic violence. 

The four courts selected are: Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago, Ill.; Family Court of the State of Delaware; Hennepin County Family Justice Center in Minneapolis, Minn.; and Multnomah County Family Court in Portland, Ore.
For More Information, See Below:

Monday, November 11, 2013


State Public Defenders' Office To Absorb Cases

Private Lawyers Owed $2.4 Million

June 20, 2011|By JOSH KOVNER,

HARTFORD – — The state agency that pays private lawyers to represent poor parents and children in child-protection cases has run up such a gaping deficit and owes the lawyers so much money that the agency has been abolished; its work will be folded into the public defenders' office starting July 1.

Nearly 200 private lawyers are owed as much as $2.4 million by the Commission on Child Protection – which had overspent its budget by $3.8 million at one point late last year. That was the largest deficit, by percent of budget, of any agency of state government.


Most of the lawyers devote at least 80 percent of their practice to this work, which includes defending parents who face losing custody of their children in neglect cases brought by the Department of Children and Families. The lawyers, who also represent children in court, haven't been paid since October or November in many cases. The lawyers were billing for $40 or $75 an hour, depending on training.

In interviews, several of the lawyers questioned where the agency's money was going, since they weren't being paid. They said after agency head Carolyn Signorelli was questioned by the legislature's appropriations committee about the huge deficit late last year, the agency tried to reduce costs by refusing or delaying payment for legal work – work that the office had been encouraging the lawyers to do.

"Carolyn Signorelli told us to file motions, to do battle, to be aggressive, to take cases to trial,'' said one contract lawyer who is owed nearly $25,000. "Then there was a real backlash against those same lawyers in the name of controlling the mess that they created in that agency."

"The bottom line,'' the lawyer said, "is that you can't not pay people for months and expect them to continue to do their jobs at a high level.''

Another lawyer said child-protection attorneys are still working hard and representing their clients effectively, but that the breakdown in payments has pushed small law offices to the brink, and caused personal financial crises and family problems.

"Everyone else in the courtroom is getting paid but us,'' the other lawyer said. "I can't hire experts. I can't go visit a child out of state. I've had clients call their state representatives and say, 'Pay my lawyer. I need resources.' When I came on, this was promoted to me as important work. I wound down other areas of my practice to take this on. I did it because I felt I could make a difference.''

Signorelli, who improved training at the agency and raised the hourly rate that lawyers could charge, said caseloads have risen and the office didn't have enough money to pay the lawyers for the time they were putting in.

"We asked for $13.8 million from the legislature and got $11.6. At the same time, lawyers were billing us for more hours per case than ever before. We had to institute caps, but there wasn't enough time to address the deficit,'' Signorelli said.

Asked if the lawyers were billing excessively, Signorelli said, "No.The hours were consistent with standards and caseload studies we did.''

The appropriations committee had questioned the need for 196 contract lawyers.

Susan Storey, the state's chief public defender, said the lawyers will be paid for the work they did.

"That needs to be honored. We're waiting for the budget-deficiency money to come into our office. Going forward, we think there are areas we can renegotiate and revamp to do this work within the appropriation we're given.''

Storey said the lawyers will be paid a flat rate of $500 per case, plus $50 an hour for trial work.

She said a team of state public defenders with juvenile and child-protection experience or training will take on some of the casework.

Some of the private lawyers, meanwhile, wonder what the board members who were supposed to be overseeing the agency were doing as the child-protection office careened toward extinction.
Paul Chill, a law professor at the University of Connecticut and a board member, acknowledged that the board often failed to field a quorum of commissioners at meetings. When there's no quorum, a board can't vote or take any action.
He said it was appalling that the private lawyers hadn't been paid, but said the child-protection office, formed in the middle part of the last decade, has always been underfunded. He said the agency's budget hasn't increased significantly in the last six years, even as the caseload has risen dramatically.
He said Signorelli improved training for the lawyers so that they could become certified in child-welfare law and bill at a higher rate. He said the quality of the advocay work that was done during Signorelli's tenure increased each year.
"No one wanted that deficit last year, and it's lousy the lawyers weren't paid. But it's hard to set a budget when people are billing hourly and you don't know how much you're going to have to pay out. At the same time, you want the lawyers to put in the time because you want vigorous representation. It's difficult – and I don't think you can lay this at the feet of Carolyn.''
Chill said one option to save money is have more full-time state lawyers take on the work as part of their duties, and have fewer contract lawyers.


Monday, August 26, 2013


Anne Stevenson's new article in "The Washington Times" on A Protective Mother whose dreams finally came true.  Her bogus criminal conviction has been overturned and she has been reunited  with her children--The Caroline Rice Story.  See the link below:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Chief Court Administrator Barbara M. Quinn today announced the appointments of two new chief administrative judges, one for family and the other for juvenile, and new administrative judges for the Ansonia-Milford, Danbury and Tolland judicial districts. The appointments take effect Sept. 2, 2013. 
One of them will take over for Chief Court Administrator Barbara M. Quinn who will be stepping down as of October 2013.  For more information on this, please click on the following link:

Monday, July 22, 2013


Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Royal Baby! Boy George!

After much anticipation, the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth! The royal bundle arrived at 4:24pm BST (11:24 am EST) on July 22, 2013.

And we can now announce, it's a BOY! The Royal bundle is 8lbs. 6oz., and both sides of the family are incredibly overjoyed. Said Prince William of his newborn son, "We could not be happier."

The baby's name is George Alexander Louis!  Please join us in welcoming the most anticipated baby of our generation (or maybe ever), the new Prince of Cambridge!

Both mom and baby are healthy, and Dad Prince William was right by Kate's side. We can't help but feel that as their family has grown, ours has too. Congratulations to the new parents.