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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Below are the names of the members of the editorial board for the CT Law Tribune:

Joette Katz, Chair

Dwight H. Merriam, Vice Chair


Joyce Chen

Proloy K. Das

Robert Farr

Eugene Fidell

Mary Galvin

Elizabeth Gilson

Rachel Goldberg

Robert Holzberg

Wesley W. Horton

Jocelyn Kennedy

David King

James B. Lyon

Eugene Marconi

Sean McElligott

Robert Mitchell

Dennis C. Murphy

Alan Neigher

Louis R. Pepe

Thomas B. Scheffey

Mark Soboslai

James F. Sullivan

Cecil Thomas

Thomas J. Ullmann

Diane Whitney

Steven Wizner


  1. Now we know why the CT Law Tribune won't publish the Foy habeas article.

  2. And why there is never any bad press about DCF.

  3. What, if any, ethical rules apply to Joette Katz given her status as head of DCF? Is she permitted to serve on the board of editors of a private, for-profit publication? I'm curious as to whether she held a position w/r/t the Legal Trib when she was on the Connecticut Supreme Court. Any idea?

  4. Judges have to avoid actual and even the appearance of impropriety. It would be interesting to know when she began serving on the Editorial Board. The Rules of Professional Conduct apply to lawyers whether they are practicing or not....she's still a lawyer. In terms of ethics governing Government Officials, not so sure. On its face, serving in both capacities doesn't look so good especially when DCF is so controversial, and she has the ability to influence what gets published about DCF.

  5. Code of Ethics for Public Officials. Prohibited Activities. See link.

    Sec. 1-84 of the 2014 supplement to the general statutes. (Formerly Sec. 1-66). Prohibited activities. (a) No public official or state employee shall, while serving as such, have any financial interest in, or engage in, any business, employment, transaction or professional activity, which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his duties or employment in the public interest and of his responsibilities as prescribed in the laws of this state, as defined in section 1-85.

  6. Maybe someone should contact the FBI Task Force?

  7. What about Frazzini, Dembo and Cousineau all being members of AFCC and not disclosing same during CT Law Tribune prior restraint case? Is Frazzini covered under 1-84 above as a state employee? Seems violative. I hope the FBI Task Force looks into this as well as him lying to Minnie Gonzalez about his membership in AFCC. Frazzini should resign.

  8. Google Foy habeas to read about the back story of how CT DCF is victimizing a father and his three children. CT DCF profits from tearing children from their families and placing them in foster care.

  9. Frazzini deliberately deceived Minnie Gonzalez about his membership in AFCC. Noone wil hold him accountable, however.