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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


CALLING ALL WOMEN whose children were wrongly taken or not protected or who were given little or no visitation!

Join Safe Kids International and The Women's Coalition in making a claim to the UN that women's human and civil rights are being violated in epidemic numbers. We are requesting recognition and action. If you have had your children taken, please submit a form, or at least your name, to help document this human rights crisis. This is an important form of activism!

SUBMIT YOUR CASE BY JULY 31st to be considered this year: Deadline is August 1st.

Do one of two things: 1) Fill out a form which takes only about 15 minutes (better) or 2) Submit your name which takes only seconds (better than nothing).

1. FILL OUT a user-friendly form: 
A. Download ONE of these forms and OPEN IN WORD:
1. Brief: (3rd page optional)
2. Full: (to attach documents)
B. Enable editing and fill out form. 
C. Email to:
[Please submit a Word doc, not pdf, adobe, png, etc. If you submit in google docs please permit editing for:]

2. SUBMIT YOUR NAME to be on a master list of women whose human rights were violated by having their kids taken. This list will be submitted to the UN: 
EMAIL: and put "name for UN petition" in the subject line.

You can also submit a picture of yourself (with or without your children) and/or a brief video (less than 3 minutes) of how your children were taken. Post on the FB event page:

Please SHARE this event! 
We need as many women as possible to submit their cases.

SIGN PETITION: This is a way for all women's and children's advocates to pressure the UN.

The Women's Coalition FB page: