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Monday, March 16, 2015


According to Patricia King of the CT Law Tribune,

"One of the discussions in my ethics class at Quinnipiac Law School involved asking the students to articulate how they would compete with the Internet once they were admitted to the bar and trying to make a living at the law. These are twenty-somethings, with a few thirty-somethings sprinkled in, who have grown up in the digital age. It was interesting to hear their responses, which boiled down to a list of all the advantages of a personal relationship with a lawyer over an impersonal transaction done via the Internet.

It turns out that my students were right—what clients want from their lawyers is what they cannot get from the Internet. In his article, "What Do Clients Want From Their Lawyers?," in a recent edition of the Journal of Dispute Resolution, Clark D. Cuningham, who holds the W. Lee Burge Chair in Law & Ethics at Georgia State University College of Law, examines several studies about the relationship between corporate clients and their attorneys..."

Friday, February 13, 2015


According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch,

"The Center for Research & Public Policy (CRPP) is pleased to present the results of a Satisfaction Survey conducted among individuals involved with the Connecticut Court System for divorce, legal separation, child visitation and/or child custody cases.

The survey was designed to collect user input on satisfaction with court personnel, process, programs, and systems.

The research study included a comprehensive telephone survey. CRPP, working together with Court Officials, designed the survey instrument to be used when calling users of the Court System.

This report summarizes information collected from telephone surveys conducted December 10, 2014 – January 7, 2015."

For more information on this satisfaction study, please click on the link below: