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Monday, October 24, 2016


Posted by a member of the public:  "Attorney X* manipulates the court to protect his clients wealth. My ex-wife of 12 years was able to collect past child support that I did not pay over 10 years ago. This is how the scam works. My ex makes 4x my annual salary we have equal shared custody and all is split 50/50. Attorney X was able to convince the first judge that I should pay her a large weekly amount. Here comes the scam, the ex-wife says to me 10 years ago “don’t worry just spend that money on our son” and I also have it in an email. So fast forward 10 years of baseball soccer and other child hood events never an issue. As soon as my son was out of the house and in school out of the blue she sues me for past child support. I was advised to work with her attorney Mr. X to arrange a payment plan. In speaking with Mr. X I asked the simple question why this is an issue now. Why was this not an issue 2,3,7,or eight years ago. Mr. X's response was that he was protecting his client’s wealth he had advised her to wait the 10 years. The reason for waiting 10 years was 1. “Had we gone back to court his client would have likely had no child support awarded”, 2. Child support is case law that can never be backdated, and she can charge me interest in addition. So effectively Mr. X got me to pay twice for my sons child support. And oh by the way he charged her over 10,000 in fees for a hearing that he requested 8 hours for when in fact the judge finished in 12 min."

*I have changed the name of the attorney here to ensure anonymity.  But I'm sure this scam is widespread and people should be alert to it!