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Monday, March 27, 2017


Foundation for the Child Victims of Family Court

WHAT: Federal Civil Rights Case of Scott Powell 
Suing the New Canaan Police and Maternal Grandparents for Protecting their Grandchildren from Abuse and Harm 

WHEN:    March 28, 2017 at  3:00 p.m. 

WHERE:  Bridgeport District Court
WHO:    Powell v Alexander Case #:3:16-cv-01654, Judge Underhill


This Fairfield County federal case being heard tomorrow in Bridgeport District Court involves two young girls who have been traumatized and have suffered years of Adverse Childhood  Experiences ACEs:

Friday, October 17, 2014


We need courtwatchers for Colleen Kerwick's custody trial which will start this Monday, October 20, 2014 starting at 10:00am at the Middletown Courthouse at 1 Court Street. 
For a quick overview of this case, see Colleen's narrative below:
I am an attorney and activist from Ireland who needs help in Connecticut. My American husband took our Irish Citizen son away from me, assisted by a Family Court system which retaliated against me for my activism for others. I have not seen my son (born August 15, 2009) since January 4, 2014 despite no finding of unfitness or neglect.

I asked for a divorce from my ex husband in 2011 over domestic violence. See police reports/arrests here:

I waived alimony and agreed to joint physical custody to end the conflict for our son in 2013. Unfortunately he proceeded to made a slew of unsubstantiated allegations post judgment before resorting to falsely claiming that an "amber alert" was being processed in an ex parte motion. I lost my son before I even had an opportunity to be heard. See article here:

On the return date of the motion, I was retaliated against by the Guardian ad Litem on account of my advocacy for others against vendor malfeasance in the Family Courts. Despite acknowledging that there was no amber alert or history of contempt of any access orders, she recommended that the order of custody removal be sustained and only offered me pay per view parenting at $100 an hour. The judge who signed the order had her judicial reappointment challenged by 67 state representatives and is no longer a Family Court Judge. The GAL was removed from the case and brought under criminal investigation. However, the order stands despite the absence of abuse, neglect or unfitness. Supervised access never happened as the facilities designed for inmates turned down the business and third parties were chased away by my ex.
Here is the newspaper article and my testimony which the Guardian ad Litem retaliated over:

This is the last time I saw my adorable son whom I miss and love with all my heart.

On August 22 2014 Ken Savino got me arrested for 'second degree harrassment', a deportable offense. After shopping around arrest attempts between multiple police departments for years (in vain), he finally got a warrant for my sending him a text message threatening him with contempt of court for denying me court ordered phone access with my son after he asked me not to.
If I had anything to hide, I would not be going so public about this. I have no mental or physical limitations to parenting or substance abuse issues et al, yet crack addicts and prostitutes have more access to their children.