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Thursday, November 7, 2019



By Elizabeth A. Richter
I looked for committed activists in vain, for
There was brokenness as far as I could see
All I found was thick fog and the dreary rain
Bombs falling and shooters behind each tree
I figured this was my bad luck again
Plus folks want it all, but give-back is paltry
Still, I said I’d fight no matter what.  At least
I could give some a bit of what they sought


What can I do but list the typical wrongs
That family court has perp’d on me and you
We presented them to the Committee & Sen. Tong
All of whom talked like they had no clue
Actors all, they certainly knew all along
Of lawyers lying, evidence stolen and also
Rigged trials, bribed experts and corruption so deep
Parents are bankrupt because the cost is steep.

Next legal folks put their counter-truth on display
They cried and said parents put guns to their heads
Lawyers pulled out their violins and began to play
Judges spoke rivers about how carefully they listened
GALs fake tears over kids kept the truth at bay, while
Journalists twisted by threats repeated what they said
These fakes are so good and have such a good line
Family court victims seem out of their minds

We stand outside the Courts and hold demonstrations
Others speak to neighbors and hope they’ll understand
My friends live in fear of retaliation. So there’s no change.
When you go to Court with child abuse, you’ll be sure to find 
There’s no place to go for any protection
Because you’ll be accused of parental alienation
Meanwhile mothers end up homeless and alone
Children are bribed and their hearts turn to stone


This all arose out of a vision for father’s rights.
A bunch of right wingers saw Moms as welfare queens
They thought privileges for men would turn the tide
But now there are consequences they hadn’t seen
Men are now the Moms and they think they’re great
Moms have been driven away and are called unclean
I sit here and think what can I personally do
Still, change depends upon you and you and you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


With a lift and a twirl and arms akimbo,

You sign your name and thus begin

Dancing that nasty divorce tango.

There’s so much that you just don’t know

As lawyers drum their heels and take you in

To dance that nasty divorce tango.

Their hearts are empty and their promises hollow

As they wink and nod with knowing grins

While dancing that nasty divorce tango.

Those lawyers say, “Let the money flow!”

For we’ll need thousands of dollars to win

With a lift and a twirl and arms akimbo.

“Lash out with lies, unleash the innuendo!

Rip open the wounds; let the pain fester                 

Keep on dancing that nasty divorce tango.

And they snap their fingers and entice you to follow

Until you waste away with disappointment

With a lift and a twirl and arms akimbo

Dancing that nasty divorce tango.