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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Maine attorney Michael Waxman has launched a facebook attack against Protective Mother Lori Handrahan resulting in threats of rape and sodomy against her, primarily coming from Jeff Pyle, a Colorado man with a grudge.  '

While Sunny Kelley in Connecticut and most other protective parents' stories of judicial abuse and destruction remain unknown and unheard, where the judicial system covers up their stories so they are not believed, Lori Handrahan's courageous efforts to save her child, Mila, have resulted in a very high profile case garnering national attention, thanks to the internet and the outrage of thousands of people across the country.

Sadly, despite their strenuous efforts to save their children, and to obtain justice for their children, neither Lori Handrahan and Sunny Kelley have seen their children for months.

Hell for Lori Handrahan came in the form of her daughter, Mila, being raped by her husband, Igor Malenko, a foreigner who has now apparently gained citizenship under questionable circumstances.  Like most mothers abused by the family court system, Lori Handrahan technically never lost custody of the her daughter, Mila, yet the trial court did nothing to protect Mila from ongoing sexual abuse.

At this time, according to the "Saving Mila" Facebook page, Mila continues to be sexually abused, the abusive father has received free lawyer services over several years, and the girl is barred from leaving this dangerous situation.  Waxman has said many times that his estimated cost for providing legal services to Mila's father is approximately $250,000.  Now, to divert attention from this criminal activity, Waxman has escalated the slander against Lori Handrahan and threatens to have her committed and jailed.

Then, in a recent facebook discussion, Jeff Pyle, a Waxman supporter (mentioned above) took it upon himself to sexually berate women who were discussing the Handrahan case and threatened to "come back there" to find, rape and sodomize them.  The post has now been deleted.  But so has a post defending the women by Investigative Reporter Keith Harmon Snow been deleted and Facebook has informed Mr. Snow that HE is under investigation for his post.

There is also additional abuse online directed towards Lori Handrahan in the Waxman created STEAM website which reports disingenuously on child abuse cases largely committed my mothers and/or their boyfriends and featuring Lori as their central news item.

Online sexism is rampant, but the problem is systemic and institutionalized  sexism and support for domestic violence arises due to online media's attempts to be social friendly and compatible to as many users as possible.  While censoring some people and interests, these social media often end up punishing the victims and supporting the abusers.