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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Michelle Tuccitto Sullo of the CT Law Tribune reports as follows:

"Staffing shortages and the state's budget situation have prompted officials to reduce the hours of more of the state's law libraries.

Deirdre McPadden, director of judge support services, said the financial crisis, combined with the retirement of two law librarians, resulted in this decision.

The latest budget season hit the court system hard, with the state Judicial Branch having to deal with a $77 million reduction in the budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year..."

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Somewhere, somehow in the deep, dark, depths of the judicial library system there was a man, a great librarian named Mr. Lawrence Cheeseman. Mr. Cheeseman is currently retired, which is a great shame, because Mr. Cheeseman has got to be the most informed man in Connecticut today, at least as far as Connecticut law is concerned.

Mr. Cheeseman's great contribution to our lives is the compilation of numerous cheatsheets which essentially outline basic aspects of the law including landmark cases so we uninitiated pro se (self represented) parties can figure out the law and catch up relatively quickly to our highly educated J.D.s and begin to speak their language.

These documents are available on the judicial website and are called PATHFINDERS and boy, you will not find anything better than these anywhere when you need help with your case. The URL to find the complete list of pathfinders is as follows:

To be honest, this is probably the most useful blog that I will ever post on this website. At this point, I've peaked and everything will go downhill from now, no, no...just joking. But honestly, all of us need to thank Mr. Cheeseman wherever he is, whatever he is doing, God bless you, have a wonderful retirement, and Gov. Rell, please send this man more retirement money so he can enjoy the reward he so richly deserves!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The first time I walked into a legal library, I felt as though I was venturing into very, very unfriendly foreign territory. The most I did was pick up a few pamphlets, stare a bit at the lady librarian who looked me up and down and then took no further notice of me, and then I escaped out the door.

After that, whenever someone tried to suggest I go to the law library, mostly the clerks I met when I went to ask about various procedures, (you know, just after they give you that line about how they aren't allowed to give you legal advice) I just shook my head and made a sour look.

I did go a few more times to make a few copies of documents on the one and only rattly, rattly copy machine in the library which required constant feeding from the change in my pockets. (See what I'm saying, not even a copy card!) That required, of course, going back to the mean looking librarian to ask for change for a dollar bill, which she handed out quarter by nickel, by dime one by one on her desk.

To be honest, I've never met such a mean looking bunch of librarians as I've met at law libraries. On the other hand, it is amazing what a reaction you get if you say to them something like, I'm interested in the meaning of probable cause as defined by Smith v. Martin Mechanics, L.L.C., then its like you've given a nice tasty bone to a chihuahua. They take you around, pile books in your arms, point out references, grab you a chair to help you take a look at Lois Law. It's amazing, almost like a whole new bunch of librarians.

So, don't count those law libraries out. They are an amazing resource, and there is nothing like that feeling of spending an hour or so to find an important reference, and then finding it and discovering you were right all along. Give it a try!