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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For all of you many victims of Dr. Kenneth Robson's damaging and unfair custody reports here is a new tip that just came in about what you can do to fight back. 

Apparently, Dr. Robson is making statements claiming that he is affiliated with the Institute of Living.  However, the fact is that he was removed from his affiliation with the Institute in 1999 when the Massameno Report was issued stating that Robson's exoneration of Wilkinson was a fraudulent representation as a paid consultant. 

The Institute of Living is currently owned by the Hartford HealthCare Corporation and is also a subsidiary of that corporation.  I have been told that when someone falsely asserts an affiliation, as Dr. Robson did, he is using the corporation for personal gain and as such the Corporation's General Counsel is required to report his conduct under Sarbannes Oxley requirements for reporting violations of their corporate code of coduct to both state and federal authorities.

Apparently, Dr. Kenneth Robson has stated that he has provided testimony for around 70 custody cases in the state of Connecticut.  If so, in each of them he apparently provided his resume including his false statement that he is affiliated with the Institute of Living.  That would add up to 70 violations of his code of ethics as far as I can see. 

It is my understanding, I could be wrong, but I've heard that Dr. Robson could lose his medical malpractice insurance for having made false claims about his affiliation with the IOL.

Anyway, guys, its worth a try in my book to bring this to the attention of Hartford healthCare Corporation. Also, you can request that the corporation's General Counsel issue a cease and desist order to prevent Robson from doing this any further. 

To have an impact, we need people to phone the company's anonymous hotline and make a complaint.  Please make that phone call yourself and also encourage others to make a call.  The number is:  1-800-431-5572.