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Thursday, October 30, 2014


I would have liked to establish what every politician's position is in regard to judicial reform, but Joe Visconti is the only one among all the candidates running for Governor who appears to have issued one.  So for everyone's information I am publishing it below.  Needless to say, I am fully in support of his position and commend him for speaking out:

Judicial Reform: Access to Justice

The heartbreaking stories about our probate, family, and foreclosure (civil) court systems are countless as the lives and rights of our children, parents, grandparents and those who have left us continue to be impacted by a court system rife with conflicts of interest, waste and indifference.
Recently Joe addressed the Supreme Court and asked how a foreclosure mill attorney can sit on the benchmark committee, which sets the rules for the foreclosure process.

Our probate system was recently given a sobering assessment by Forbes, stating it was riddled with conflicts of interest and antiquated procedures.
Lastly, the family court system has resulted in horror stories about exploitation and ethical lapses in the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) system that have made thousands of parents realize there is no justice to be found.

We can do better and Joe will demand reforms of the judicial system that must adhere to the letter and spirit of justice for all.  To help correct these problems Joe will create a Governor’s Task Force that will seek to:
  • Identify conflict of interest and potential for collusion between judges, lawyers, and law firms.
  • Improve the process to remedy complaints within the judicial system.
  • Recommend changes to provide pro se parties the same access to the judicial process that is granted to those who can afford legal representation.  This includes allowing subpoena power and forensic analysis of documents.
  • Reverse the lawyerization of the court system by expanding the role of judges in pro se litigation.