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The editors of DIC generally read and accept queries and submissions year round on topics related to Family Court in Connecticut--Judges, Attorneys and the operation of the Connecticut Judicial Branch as a whole. 
There are two approaches to obtaining publication in DIC
1.  through opinion pieces and;
2. through content pieces which educate regarding some aspect of the law--either in regard to case law, Practice Book Rules, or Connecticut State Statutes.
There is no presumption that you have to be a lawyer when you do this, but please be clear regarding how you became so knowledgeable about the subject area you have chosen.
In other words, when you contact DIC in regard to your submission, please include a brief summary of your credentials and background which qualify you for writing on this subject area.
If you choose to publish anonymously, We will respect that request.  However, please be sure to review your facts and be as accurate as possible regarding the information you provide.  We will definitely be double checking all the statements that you make to be sure what is said is correct.


We do NOT consider previously published work.
Simultaneous submissions are welcomed, if noted, and please notify us immediately if the work is accepted somewhere else.
We encourage you to read Divorce in Connecticut before submitting so that you have a strong understanding of the kind of work that appears on this blog.
Submissions and queries must be sent to the Cathy Sloper email address which is as follows:
You will receive a response from Ms. Sloper within 24 hours.  If you do not receive a response within this timeframe for some reason, please resend your inquiry. 
The average length of an article on this blog is around 1500 words, but it can be more or less, or the work can be broken up into sections and published as a serial. 
Divorce in Connecticut is looking for articles that challenge the status quo in regard to how Family Court handles extended term divorces.  It seeks to find diverse points of view and to look at solutions from a broad range of angles, and is not afraid to venture into unexplored territory. 
At the same time, it seeks to educate, to inform, and to equip its readers to conduct their legal cases in a more effective and intelligent manner.  Articles that fall within the above parameters will be very successful and well received on this blog.


DIC cannot provide financial remuneration for pieces published on this blog at this time.
Publication rights notice: All rights reserved. Rights revert to author upon publication. 

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