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Sunday, March 22, 2015


As you are like aware, many changes have come over our nation, and specifically-CT. Under the guise of education, these changes continue to chip away at our parental rights, civil liberties and local authority. Furthermore, it's at the expense of our childrens' real education, rights and safety. 

Jonathan Pelto, is one of our leading advocates and champion. He has posted of two opportunities for CT residents to attend. Come, share your thoughts, ask questions and be inspired by other CT champions!

Please share these unique opportunities with your contacts especially, via email and fb.

Also, we have some elected officials that understand the far-reaching implications of these programs. We are grateful for their advocacy! However, it's critical that ALL of our elected officials hear from their constituents. WE are the largest voting population and parental rights should garner bipartisan support.

So, please extend a personal invitation to your elected officials to attend these two events- the second, a presentation at Fairfield University would be especially critical as our CT advocates help us to be more fully informed.

Thank you for YOUR advocacy!