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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Kathy's words are eloquent and strike to the heart of the matter.  Thank you, Kathy, for speaking up as a lone citizen for the rights of this little boy and his mother when big money newspapers like "The Hartford Courant" and "The Waterbury Republican American" won't. Shame on these two newspapers for courting privilege and abandoning the rights of two vulnerable CT citizens, one an innocent child.

Superior court Judge Barry Pinkus denied the request for a restraining order for the mother of baby Moreno. He stated the couple had a chaotic relationship but he was not convinced that there was a continuous threat of physical injury to the child. I would ask Judge Pinkus if the death of this poor innocent infant is proof enough for him? He could have saved this child’s life but he failed to do the right thing and protect this child. I would ask him if he’s happy now. Was the death of this baby enough proof? What right did he have to deny this request? His incompetence cost this baby his life! The father has mental issues and the judge knew this, yet he denied the right to the mother to be free from his threats and as a result the judge caused this baby’s death. Even though he wasn’t on that bridge, he is still responsible because he could have prevented this horrible tragedy from happening. He needs to resign his position as judge. I don’t blame the father, he is a sick man, I blame the judge; he had the power to stop it yet he didn’t, how is he going to live with himself now? This poor baby never had a chance at life, never saw it coming, this sickens me to death, just to even think about this tragedy. I hope the mother sues the judge and the State of Connecticut for damages in her baby’s death. Pinkus had a duty to protect the life of this baby and he failed this mother, this infant and this family all because he didn’t think the father was a threat. Hope he’s satisfied.
Kathy Castello, Meriden

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