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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today I posted two new forms from the CT Judicial Branch under the "Pages" label to the top right on my blog.  These two forms are "Dissolution Agreement" and "Parental Responsibility Plan". 
The reason why I do this is because these are the two most important documents you will ever produce for Family Court. 
At the beginning of my high conflict divorce, if I had known that the questions and answers on these documents were all that my divorce was about, I would have handled my divorce ten times more cheaply and effectively.  What led to many of my mistakes was the fact that I had no idea. 
So, for those of you just starting out, before you spend $300,000 or more on your divorce, take a look at these forms. 
Are they that difficult? 
Just consider that if you can actually work together with your soon to be ex and answer those questions in a mutually amicable manner, you might actually just spend $150 or $250 on your divorce which would be quite a savings for both you and your children in terms to time, heartache, and money. 
It's up to you, but I am just saying, here is an opportunity before you walk off and declare World War III.