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Friday, May 1, 2015


If you have been a victim of false accusations of PAS, PA, or any unnamed syndrome that arises from your reporting of your ex-husband's abuse during your custody battle, please contact Divorce in Connecticut.  We are currently forming a support group to assist women who find themselves in this situation. 

If your ex-husband has a criminal background that the court is choosing to ignore, if your ex husband is actively engaged in criminal activities that family court simply tolerates, if your ex-husband has physically abused your child and committed domestic violence against you, but you are now required to overlook all that in order to retain access to your child, this group is appropriate for you.  

We intend to use this group in order to assist one another with our experience, strength, and hope, and also seek to support fellow victims as we battle our way through the abusive judicial system that continues to  aid perpetrators and punish the victims.  Group support will be online and in person.

Contact Email: