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Saturday, January 16, 2016


The Saga As Told By Ted Taupier
(Currently Incarcerated at HCC)

"This saga all started the Day 22 August 2014, when the Judge in my divorce case and her Clerk accepted the filing of an illegal motion.  The Motions that was illegal was eventually thrown out but not before a hearing was scheduled to hear the illegal ex-parte order of contempt.  Why was the clerk, the Judge and the Lawyer never sanctioned?  This is their game and they make the rules, the attorney was grievanced and the CT Bar threw out the charges of misconduct to which in the this trial she openly admitted to knowingly submitting and illegal order. 

When inherent fundamental rights clash with the immediate Family Court power structure, those common law rights are the first to fall. Under the direction of corrupt institutions the ideal of inalienable rights becomes a misnomer—since the structures in place have the immediate power to deny you those rights, they are no longer inalienable by instant circumstance.

And so it is with the family courts. Although they co-exist in a land where federal constitutional rights abound, and where such rights are legally controlling, these courts routinely ignore them. The federal “inalienable” right to parent one’s child is barely ever mentioned or entertained..."


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