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Friday, December 5, 2014


I've had many people tell me how smart I am -- thank you -- which did not protect me from the mistake of thinking that Dr. Eric Frazer, a psychologist practicing out of Westport, CT, did not have a license.  I did investigate very carefully prior to publishing that information, but I still ended up being misled by the way the State database worked.  So I am not immune to error.  However, I would not say that I am stupid, which is more than you could ever say about Dr. Eric Frazer. [And before I proceed, I do want to thank those who were quick to contact me on that point.  I am very grateful to my readership for keeping me on track!]

Recently, a mother contacted me to let me know that Dr. Frazer had become involved in her case as a PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) expert and GAL and that he had investigated her case and concluded that she was alienating her child from the father.  She assured me that this was not so and showed me additional information that led me to believe she was telling the truth. 

In contrast, from the documents I saw it appeared as though Dr. Eric Frazer had misrepresented the facts of PAS on the stand and had lied about the mother. 

Of course, I am not surprised that anyone who characterizes him or herself as an expert in the quack theory of PAS also turned out to be a quack as well.  Licensed or not, a psychologist who acts on the basis of a quack theory remains a quack. 

The end result of his wrongdoing and false testimony was that this mother lost custody of her son who had been living with her for many years and the young man was summarily transferred into the primary care of the father.  This demonstrates more powerfully than anything else how the testimony of a psychologist can end up devastating a custody case even though such testimony is completely bogus. 

Remarkably enough, however, before this family court case was over, nobody bothered to check out Dr. Eric Frazer's credentials.  They should have--because they are seriously not that great!   

First of all, so-called Dr. Frazer claims that he received his Psy.D. from the Miami Institute of Psychology.  The Miami Institute of What?  What is with our Court system that it could actually place the serious responsibility for the wellbeing of a family in the hands of a graduate of some obscure college in Florida that no one has ever heard of!  Are there no professionals who actually graduated from the University of Connecticut or Yale University that the Family Court could have checked with, schools that have some kind of track record and credibility? 

He does have a license in the State of Connecticut--but my question is--how did he get it despite being so poorly qualified!  I am sure there is an explanation!

So what about Dr. Eric Frazer's education?  What is interesting about Dr. Frazer's "about me" page is it doesn't say a thing about his academic credentials which would be the first thing you would want to know about a professional who is going to take on powerful responsibilities such as deciding which parent a child ends up with.  For that information on Dr. Frazer I went to the Yale University School of Medicine where he claims to be an Assistant Clinical Professor--ah hemm--part time. 

On the Yale University School of Medicine website where Dr. Frazer has been listed, the only academic credentials he provides is the information that he received his Masters of Science at the Miami Institute of Psychology in 1998.  The only problem is that at another location online--his "linked in" page--Dr. Frazer claims that he was working on his Psy.D. at the Miami Institute of Psychology from 1996 to 2000 and makes no mention of a Masters in Science.  So what did he get--a Master's Degree or a Psy.D.? 

You might speculate that he got both, but that is not how it works.  Ordinarily, a credible Master's Degree takes at least two years to obtain.  A Psy.D. takes minimally four years.  Based on that, there is no way that Frazer was able to get both a Master's degree and a Psy.D. degree at the Miami Institute of Psychology in only four years.  He either received one or the other. Or else, considering the timeframe, and this is something I hadn't considered when I first started writing this article, Dr. Frazer obtained two degrees that are of seriously poor quality! 

I am aware that the Miami Institute of Psychology made arrangements for students at Miami-Dade Community College to transfer credits into the Institute, but that would hardly be a quality level education.  Still, it is possible that this is what Dr. Frazer did because there is a gap of two years between his graduation at Fordham in 1994 and the start of his education at the Miami Institute in 1996. 

Of course, then that turns attention onto Dr. Frazer's time at Fordham where it seems that Frazer only spent two years from 1992 to 1994.  Perhaps this was also a community college supplemented education, although Dr. Frazer doesn't tell us. 
And this is my problem.  That information should be up front and available to people who are considering whether to take advantage of his professional services.  It leaves me wondering how much I can believe of what he has posted up there.

At one point in this conversation, I had a person ask me "Where did Dr. Frazer get his doctorate?  And this is where I again kind of have an argument.  Can you legitimately call a Psy.D. a doctorate?  For me personally, I don't think you can.  You see, a Ph.D. and a Psy.D. are two entirely different degrees.  In order to obtain a Ph.D., you are required to do an original piece of research which you ordinarily write up into what is called a dissertation which is required to show a mastery of the subject matter.  This dissertation is frequently up to 100 pages or more. 

Once you have completed your dissertation, you are required to stand before a department committee consisting of professors in your department where you defend the results of your dissertation from their scrutiny.  Frequently, these dissertations end up being published as a book and/or certainly the results of the research could end up published in a professional journal. 

With a Psy.D. all you do is pass an examination and you are done.  In terms of respect and prestige within the academic community, a Psy.D. is considerably less.  As a point of interest, the Miami Institute of Psychology is accredited for a Psy.D. degree, but it is not accredited for the Ph.D.  So Dr. Frazer could not have obtained an accredited Ph.D. at the school he went to because it is of insufficient quality to offer one.

Be that as it may, somebody please tell me how this guy was ever able to become a psychology fellow at Yale University Medical School with such slim qualifications!  He's not even a member of the American Psychological Association, although he appears to be affiliated with the infamous AFCC and he is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association without being a lawyer.  I mean, why get picky about whether you have a J.D. or not! 

So tell me how this guy is able to walk into courtrooms here in the State of Connecticut and change lives forever on the basis of a diploma that is of such poor quality? 

Who is in charge here? 

Who is at the wheel to see that the experts who provide testimony in Connecticut Family Courtrooms meet some basic standards in terms of professional capability?

I have left messages with Dr. Eric Frazer at his office at Westport and also with the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University Medical School.  If either returns my call and provides me with additional information, I will certainly include their responses in this posting.  So far that hasn't happened. 


Dr. Eric Frazer is now associated with Dr. Linda S. Smith in their mutual business Child Custody Analytics which is listed as being in practice from September 2014 to the present.  For those of you concerned that you might face false charges of PAS, I'd stay away from these guys. 



  1. Ms. Sloper, I generally respect your writing, but I think you are misunderstanding a few topics in this piece. In general, the class work for a masters counts towards a doctorate. So a doctorate in 4 years is reasonable. A Psy.D. isn't necesarily any less prestigious than a Ph.D. The former was created for psychologists who want expertise in the provision of therapy instead of research. You are correct, however, in that family law is a dumping ground of horrible mental health providers. A lot of these hacks couldn't earn a living outside of the corrupt family law system.

    1. How Do You Earn a Psy.D.?

      The educational requirements for the Psy.D. are designed to train psychologists to utilize their understanding of the science of the mind and behavior to treat and diagnose mental illnesses. Most Psy.D. programs take approximately four to seven years to complete, during which students study and practice a wide variety of topics including psychological assessment, diagnosis and clinical interventions.

      As with the Ph.D. in Psychology degree, Psy.D. students must also participate in a supervised practicum as well as a supervised internship in a clinical setting. During the practicum, students usually work part-time under the supervision of a licensed psychologist in a variety of different clinical settings. The internship is a full-time position and usually lasts at least one year. After completing an internship, students are then able to take state and national exams in order to become licensed psychologists.

    2. So basically four to seven years to complete a Psy.D. meaning if you just do four years, possibly you took in less coursework--just speculating??? Four years is the bare minimum--just speculating???

  2. I have no personal experience with Dr. Frazer. However, I will pass along a shocking comment made by a divorce lawyer about him: He called Dr. Frazer "Arnie Rutkin's bitch." He said Frazer will say whatever makes the most money for Rutkin.


      google this case of Dr. Frazer, who appears to be a notorious Father's Rights activist in sheep's clothing. he uses PAS against many protective mothers in his cases..all 9 of them??? so experienced!. He should probably go back to school and find out that PAS was not included in the DSM V for a good reason.

    2. No psycyhological test is included in the DSM-V. Not the PAS, not the MMPI-2, not the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale, not any test. To imply there is a problem due to the PAS not being included in the DSM-V is a testament to your ignorance.


  4. He ruined my life, my children's lives, and my whole family. by PAS and munchausens by proxy. There were no facts to support his outrageous and severe diagnoses. My children are suffering. They made sure I had no due process at all. I listen to my children cry and plead to come home. God help that man. I have forgiven him, but he did ignore domestic violence and my daughters concerns.

  5. The guy is a quack. He is a creepy Oedipus Napoleonic greedy individual. Giving him a A doctor title and court credibility is a sham. Do not sign his long complicated waiver and release form. He will still try to get the court system pay any legal fees to defend him if you file a grievance or sue him for malpractice. This why family court is such a sham because it protects people like him. He will bias one side versus the other. He will say it costs $14,000 for an evaluation and it will end up over $28,000. Could it be more. Darn right it could. They will wipe you out and not think twice about how that money would be better spent on kids. Like the GALs that feed and refer business and vice versa they know how to steal and defraud family money from well intentioned families. This is corruption at its worst and the family court thinks it's doing you a favor by ordering it. Family court and these predators like Fraser are just awful people using bias and emotions to frame and cast people in negative phycological jargon. They cherry pick and then make back room deals which you will never know about. They don't care about kids or parents ability to parent and remain in under a parents care. Eric Fraser is a liar and when I found bias ie personal connections to the spouse and getting managed by spouse he would not recuse himself. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from this charlatan. He is a fraud and the corrupt CT family court system supports crooks like him.

    1. The only part of your completely accurate comment I would dispute is the part where you say "family court thinks it's doing you a favor by ordering it." No no no no no no . They know exactly what garbage is going on and they absolutely know they are not doing you any kind of favor. This is particularly true of Eric Fraser who is completely unqualified for this kind of work.

    2. If anyone knows any other blogs to post Eric Fraser fraud and incompetence and racketeering information please pass it along. This guy should be picking up trash along the highway in an orange jump suit instead of stealing from families and children's future. The system is corrupt no doubt and this piece of garbage is benefiting outrageously.

    3. What more can I say but you are so right. Nobody with any credentials would listen to a word that bum has to say. He is incompetent and stupid.

  6. And the court acts as a collection agent without any oversight or regard to cost, harm, impact of disenfranchising parents. Disgraceful Eric Fraser.

  7. Can anyone recommend an attorney that won't take advantage of me involving parental alienation and PAS. The Bridgeport court has done a good job of frustrating me in resolving alienation that has been going on for 16 months. Its coming up again for motion.

  8. Same boat as some commenters above. He certainly has a special relationship with Rutkin. I also wonder if anything can be done about the repeated, systemic criminal attacks he makes on protective mothers. Always mothers. Always similar accusations (PAS being number one). Why is there not an investigation into this given that it is a pattern? Who investigates these quacks? Who holds them accountable? If five or six people file complaints with the board that holds his license, there may be an impact made, no? Petition? How many lives of children and their mothers will be ruined before he is held accountable?

  9. I was just referred to this man.. already dealing with lies saying I am the alienator. I know without a doubt I am not guilty. My ex has temporary custody for 90 days and has tormented our daughter daily for 3 weeks. No one is listening! There were allegations against him 5 years ago and after state filed for child support my ex went full force trying to attack me. (After he gave me sole custody!) I am supporting myself and her so I cannot afford an attorney..our daughter is documenting everything. He bashed me in front of her, threatens to keep her longer.. it’s a mess! These “professionals” do not care about the child let alone healthy outcomes for them. It’s been a nightmare.. happy to know I am not alone.. thank you for educating me.. I am terrified! I cannot contact my daughter during the 90 days and she is suffering.. never thought I would be in a position of not protecting my child while the system breaks her spirit.. very sad..