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Monday, May 16, 2016


David Owen of The Hartford Courant reports as follows:
"HARTFORD — Judicial Branch officials said Monday that 113 more employees received layoff notices last week. That brings to 239 the total of Judicial Branch employees losing their jobs as a result of state budget woes.
The cuts announced Monday include 10 case flow coordinators, seven family relations counselors, 22 adult probation officers, 15 juvenile probation officers, 53 judicial marshals and five intake, assessment and referral specialists..."

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  1. I am of course sorry to see anyone loose their job it is an unfortunate fact and something that we all need to deal with however I must admit I am not surprised each time I have had to appear in court I have seen a number of employees basically just sitting there doing little to nothing and carrying on conversations were they discuss in detail their day to day activities and where they plan to go on vacation while this is not entirely true of everyone I also have to bring up the fact when I asked someone for assistance and mind you I said excuse me and apologized for interruption their conversation which was not at all work related I was told that I would have to wait my turn and it would take some time and mind you I had a question only .