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Sunday, December 9, 2018


By Elizabeth A. Richter

have spent a considerable time now in the family court reform movement here in the State of CT and around the country.  What I find notable in the movement is the considerable divide between how father's behave and how mother's behave.  

Overall, mothers are generally challenging but open to discussion.  They are even kind and sympathetic to fathers, many of whom will engage with mothers and tell them their stories about how they've been oppressed.  

In contrast, fathers will be all sympathetic and sweet to mothers who agree to their father supremacist agenda.  However, should Moms not agree with them, fathers are very aggressive towards mothers and try to denigrate their stories of oppression, and deny the existence of abuse.  

Father's rights people require that you agree to their agenda, or else they become extremely hate filled and abusive.  

As an example of this, I thought I would share on this blog the kind of hate filled comments that father's rights people have directed towards me on Facebook.  

Now, I should acknowledge that I am a pretty straightforward individual.  There are many times when I've posted outright statements on my Facebook page that other people do not agree with. Most people enjoy challenging me on my opinions and exchanging views with me, and I usually enjoy that experience and learn a lot from doing so.  This is not true of father's rights people.  As you will see from the screen shots of the hate filled messages I've received, the level of malignant hatred among fathers rights towards Moms like me who don't immediately agree with them is extraordinary.  

See below:

Here are some comments father's rights people made suggesting that I kill myself.

Aside from the many texts sent to me suggesting I kill myself, there were a deluge of comments using the word "cunt" and "bitch" both public and private, and using quite violent imagery.  I would say I received well over a hundred of these remarks and I really couldn't keep up with the private messages I received so I just ignored them.  This kind of hate filled rhetoric is standard online towards advocates like me who are trying to speak up for Moms. 

Keep in mind as you read these comments that these are the fathers who are given preference in family court simply by virtue of being fathers.  These are the kinds of men who have been able to seize custody from good Moms using hate filled, psychopathic methods of legal assault with the collusion of an only too willing family court system. Now, I would not say that all Dads are like this--absolutely not. Many fathers are good fathers who work to benefit their children post divorce.Unfortunately, the father's rights movement has bred a level of malignant hatred towards mothers in their advocates which has garnered them the designation of being a hate movement.  

See additional comments below:

Again, as I said, these comments go on and on.  I received dozens of these remarks simply because I tried to open a dialogue to discuss some of the more challenging aspects of child custody. I am posting these examples because it is important not to delude yourself when it comes to advocacy for family court reform when it comes to men. The hate that fathers feel, their fury that women are asking for their rights, their indignation that women will no longer accept being punching bags either verbally or physically appears to be boundless.  Be warned.  

While father's rights folks talk equality, the reality is that the last thing on earth they want is equality. The legislation they push, their agendas, the outcomes of their strategies show very concrete evidence of this fact.


  1. Would be curious to see how these comments correlate to any particular Fathers Rights organization in particular.Various organizations such as and offer resources to men and women in support of equal shared parenting for all fit parents. I myself a woman have found very much appreciated insight from both of these organizations and was able to arrange a fair and equal shared parenting schedule with my former spouse. I hope someday to see blogs about men and women coming together and working towards a better tomorrow for today's generation and the many more to come.

    1. The fathers whose comments appear here did not introduce themselves and state "Hi, I'm a member of the NPO and F**k you." so that I could be clear which organizations they belong to. However, what I will say is that the NPO gets, how much would you say, $300,000 in government fatherhood funds each year which puts it at a considerable advantage in contrast to mothers. The statements against the protective mother in the Liberti v. Liberti case that the NPO has authorized is notorious and so this willingness to endorse child sexual abuse the NPO has demonstrated is problematic. Even fathers rights people here in CT support Sunny Kelley and her fight to protect her son. As long as the NPO denies abuse, the definition of a "fit parent" is meaningless. Of course, you know that. I also want to add that only a father's rights person who is particularly crass and vulgar could take the opportunity here to schill for father's rights in the face of the unbelievable abuse demonstrated in these texts, and this just skims the surface. If you could ignore this abuse and act as though you don't see it and deplore it, well, this is an outright demonstration of the kind of outright denial of abuse and the failure to consider safety concerns regarding children that we as mothers are so concerned about.

    2. If you as a woman are saying the NPO treated you great, that would be like saying the KKK treated you well as a black person. It isn't very credible and I have to ask who is saying this for real.

  2. I think all the Fathers' Rights organizations have a basic "Screw the Bitch" attitude, don't they? This is the Number One reason why "when they go low, we go high" doesn't work for women as long as we try to impress our friends pretending to be delicate Rape Me biscuits so some abuser will say we have "class" because we ourselves don't say the "C" word. What is the point, since men treat us like THIS just because we have our own mind and demand child support because these rapists and pedos destroyed our career to father children they could in turn victimize and impoverish.

    We basically have to redefine the entire concept of being female, which means STOP STAGGERING DOWN THE ROAD like high-heeled lipsticked rouged drag queens in the TV perfume commercials and high fashion billboards that make all women victims of these disgusting Fathers' Rights trolls. "Fathers' Rights" is a lie because EVERYONE knows it's really "Pedophiles' Rights" to rape your children!

  3. Why do we forward this misnomer of “fathers’ rights?” They arrested the ones with the rights! Moms only have one constitutional right: to vote.
    Fathers rights should go way of pedo abuser speak parental alienation.
    Normal people don’t need a judge, legislation or someone involved in their lives to put children first. Just these male supremacists.

  4. I am a father, and I am a survivor of domestic violence. I believe fathers are just as important as mothers. I believe you are advocating for "mother's rights". Well, I am advocating for awareness that men can be abused by women, that men can be just as nurturing as women, and for real equality. My ex wife beat me to the point that I ended up in the hospital on multiple occasions. Society is changing, and that's a good thing. Everyone wether male, female, LGBT, etc. deserves equality, and to be treated with dignity, and respect.

  5. Catherine,
    I am a divorced father who I believe is a victim of family court abuse. I've visited your website probably hundred times as a source of information over the course of the past 5-6 years and a lot of the information is very good. It has also helped me cope with the fact that I am not alone. But this particular posting and particularly that horrible picture that accompanies it, for the first time, I feel compelled to write a response.

    I fought a 3 year battle in family court to just be able to visit my children after I filed for divorce from my wife because our marriage was just not going to work. Our case involved no abuse or neglect in regards to the children, but my ex was determined at any cost to make sure that I never had any meaningful relationship with my 2 young children. She had more money for better legal help and long story short, my children for the past 5 years, were allowed to move 1000 miles away from me and their entire extended family. I basically had my parental rights terminated.

    Did you not watch that 14 hours of testimony that took place back in 2014, I believe, that had a good 50 / 50 mixture of mothers AND fathers who told their stories of family court abuse? And the most recent 9 hour testimony that took place just this February?

    I'll cut to the chase. You're spending a lot of time and effort into this website, and it's incredibly biased against fathers. There are a lot of fathers out there who are monsters and should never be allowed to be around children. There are a lot of mothers out there who are monsters and should never be allowed to be around children. That's what the industry wants. Bickering among us, instead of uniting. Your efforts to make REAL change in the CT family courts will be completely futile if this bias continues.
    Click on the link below. Would any of us family court victims want this woman babysitting your kids?