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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For all of you many victims of Dr. Kenneth Robson's damaging and unfair custody reports here is a new tip that just came in about what you can do to fight back. 

Apparently, Dr. Robson is making statements claiming that he is affiliated with the Institute of Living.  However, the fact is that he was removed from his affiliation with the Institute in 1999 when the Massameno Report was issued stating that Robson's exoneration of Wilkinson was a fraudulent representation as a paid consultant. 

The Institute of Living is currently owned by the Hartford HealthCare Corporation and is also a subsidiary of that corporation.  I have been told that when someone falsely asserts an affiliation, as Dr. Robson did, he is using the corporation for personal gain and as such the Corporation's General Counsel is required to report his conduct under Sarbannes Oxley requirements for reporting violations of their corporate code of coduct to both state and federal authorities.

Apparently, Dr. Kenneth Robson has stated that he has provided testimony for around 70 custody cases in the state of Connecticut.  If so, in each of them he apparently provided his resume including his false statement that he is affiliated with the Institute of Living.  That would add up to 70 violations of his code of ethics as far as I can see. 

It is my understanding, I could be wrong, but I've heard that Dr. Robson could lose his medical malpractice insurance for having made false claims about his affiliation with the IOL.

Anyway, guys, its worth a try in my book to bring this to the attention of Hartford healthCare Corporation. Also, you can request that the corporation's General Counsel issue a cease and desist order to prevent Robson from doing this any further. 

To have an impact, we need people to phone the company's anonymous hotline and make a complaint.  Please make that phone call yourself and also encourage others to make a call.  The number is:  1-800-431-5572.


  1. Here are some specific clarifications. First, Dr. Robson has for the last 12 years indicated that he was an active medical staff member. In the annual reports of the Hartford Healthcare Corporation, Dr. Robson since 2002 (when they consolodated an ownership of the Institute of Living that was acquired in 1994 by Hartford Hospital)has been listed as a "consultant".

    it is believed that Dr. Robson lost his title of training director in 1999 based upon his fraudulent evaluation of Tom Wilkinson.

    The public outrage in 1998 resulted in the Chief State Attorney naming Attorney John Massameno. Robson was removed as the director of training at the Institute of Living after the scathing reports of Massameno and former FBI agent Ted Gunderson who filed a sworn affidavit blasting Robson.

    Rather than completely severing its ties with Robson, Dr. Harold Schwartz, who has headed the Institute for at least ten years, allowed Robson to continue to utilize a connection with the Institute.

    Now in listing himself as an Active Medicial Staff member as a "Hospital Appointment" on his resume, Robson committed perjury because he carries no such title.

    Dr. Kenneth Robson is a grotesque menace to society and has been for the last fifteen years in all family court appointments he has made.

    If you need evidence of these statements about Robson's fraudulent credentials, contact me at

  2. To the Connecticut State Judiciary:

    What have you done? You better immediately distance yourself from Dr. Robson, make a public condemnation of this charlaton or you will be implicated more directly with this conspiracy. After all, you have been hoodwinked into thinking he was an active affilliate which defined him as a material Active medical staff which is the level of staff most intimately involved with hospital practice. In addition to actively seeing patients, active medical staff members are eligible to vote, admit patients, hold office, and serve on hospital committees.

    Robson has merely been listed as a consultant, (see Inst. of Living annual reports at site) which no such privilages... and no priveledge to use the name of the institution to present to Conn. Judiciary Committees as his active involvement ...of which tipped the scales for the state to hire him as chief medical examiner.

    Citizen Reporter

  3. If your children are being held hostage in the family court system. Teach them how to defend themselves and fight back

  4. The Institute of Living (IOL) 2009 Annual Report has this on page 13:

    IOL Psychiatrists Listed in Hartford Magazine’s “Top-Ranked Doctors in Hartford 2009”

    Based on research commissioned by Hartford Magazine and conducted by Best Doctors, Boston, Mass.

    Adrienne L. Bentman, MD
    Karen Blank, MD
    Joanna Fogg-Waberski, MD
    John W. Goethe, MD
    Harry E. Morgan, MD
    Theodore F. Mucha, MD
    Godfrey D. Pearlson, MD
    Kenneth S. Robson, MD
    Harold I. Schwartz, MD
    Samuel M. Silverman, MD

    So I think any claim by the IOL that Robson is not connected to the IOL is obviously false.

  5. I am not an expert on this subject, so don't look to me to find a definitive answer. I think the question is, what is the nature of the relationship between Dr. Kenneth S. Robson and the IOL. Is he an active member of their staff, or is he a consultant? Is he claiming a relationship with the IOL that he doesn't actually have? I think that is the concern. All I can say, though, is that routinely folks are listed by magazines as "Best Doctors" who, if you investigated them further, you would find, are involved in very questionable medical practices. Dr. Reardon who molested all of those children, I believe, had an excellent reputation. what does reputation mean? What we do know is that Dr. Robson has caused considerable harm with false and misleading psychiatric reports. Something needs to be done about that.

  6. Wait a minute, Dr. Harold Schwartz, is he the one who tried to justify the IOLs treatment of pedophile priests a few years back...that Dr. Schwartz? Please give me a break!