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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have been waiting to get some more definitive information regarding Michael Nowacki's situation.  Currently, he is in jail because he violated a restraining order in regard to his wife by accidentally emailing her in a mass emailing and, apparently, he tapped on the window of her car to get her attention, and is now looking at 17 months in jail.  Perhaps there is more detail about this, and I will continue to investigate this question.  

Of course, at this point, litigants such as myself who were struggling with abusive ex-husbands who put nails in the tires of our cars, stole personal property, smeared shit on the walls, put our children at risk, and constantly violated court orders can't figure out why we were never able to get the family court to hold them to account!  

In comparison, this prison sentence Mr. Michael Nowacki has received seems revengeful and petty.  

My understanding is that when the final ruling on Michael Nowacki came out on May 8, 2012 the Judge stated that if the prison authorities felt he required mental health treatment they could impose this treatment on him involuntarily.  I believe that this order is still in place, although it has not thus far been followed through on.  

However, when Mr. Nowacki was taken to court again today hoping to be released on bond pending his appeal, he was told that he would not be released from prison until he signed a stipulation voluntarily agreeing to a psychiatric evaluation and then further agreeing to adhere to the treatment plan that emerged from this psychiatric evaluation.  

This is a pretty intense form of coercion--demanding that you barter your physical freedom for mental imprisonment by the psychiatric system.  

Mr. Nowacki refused to agree to this stipulation.  Even so, apparently, the Judge ordered that Mr. Michael Nowacki undergo a psychiatric evaluation in prison on an involuntary basis.  The bottom line is that Mr. Nowacki has been vocal in his criticism of the family court system which has to be just about one of the most corrupt in our nation. In retaliation, the court is trying to silence Mr. Nowacki with the use of psychiatric "treatment".  And also the court is trying to destroy his influence and his reputation by labeling him as crazy.  Isn't this a common trait of evil doers--when caught declare your accusers insane?

Mr. Michael Nowacki had the guts to challenge the judicial system about why, in violation of State law, it has gone ahead and expanded the power of judges in a power grab that violates the Constitution and the rights of all citizens in this State.  And so, like any good Communist system, the judicial system is using psychiatry as a means to silence him.  

Seeing Mr. Michael Nowacki's fate, we have to ask ourselves, in reality, are we living in a totalitarian system where any attempt at criticism and reform will be met with kangaroo mental health courts that jail people, subject them to unwanted psychiatric care and treatment, which we all know runs the gamut from ECT to dangerous, mind numbing drugs.  

Playing the devil's advocate, let's ask the question, seriously, is Mr. Nowacki crazy?  I would agree he is an angry man, perhaps even an impatient, outspoken, and intemperate man.  But does that make him crazy?

To be honest, I'd like those of you who wonder whether a man like Mr. Nowacki is crazy to spend some time reading my website, to learn about the flagrant injustice to which litigants in this state are subjected to, to read some of the comments where litigants share their own devastating experiences of being abused by the judicial system.  

Just going through these experiences would drive anyone crazy.  But I wouldn't leave it at that.  I would say that the judicial court deliberately manipulates people, verbally and physically abuses them, and punches them around through legal machinations such that they eventually crack.  Being "crazy", "obsessed", "depressed", and full of rage is the natural condition of anyone who ends up being a victim of the injustice that fuels the legal system here in Connecticut, vastly enriching an elite core of attorneys, judges, GALs, and psychiatrists who have an inside track to seizing the peoples' money through nefarious means. 

I don't believe that Michael Nowacki is crazy.  

Grief stricken, perhaps, to see the country he believes in, here in the State of Connecticut, crassly and brazenly violate the fundamental values of democracy, and truth and justice that he thought were the very foundation of the society he lived in.  

Enraged to find his constitutional rights flagrantly disregarded and trampled upon.  

Driven almost to the point of distraction by the fact that so many people who have pledged themselves to a code of ethics that requires them to subordinate all their actions to the very highest values of truth and justice and decency, instead using family court as a means of personal enrichment and the exploitation of the most weak and vulnerable among us.  

Yes, all those things.  But crazy?  I don't think so.  

I just spent a day in trial court supporting a friend who was viciously abused, mocked, and defrauded by a trial court that has the job of doing what is right for families.  It is heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking to endure yourself.  Heartbreaking to watch.  

I have nothing more to say this evening in the face of this tragedy except we will endure.  Michael will endure.  He will one day be free.  We will be free.  The people will be heard.  I will continue to report on the front lines regarding Michael Nowacki and his struggle, and let you know how you can personally become involved and fight for reform.  

Justice Today!  Justice Tomorrow!  Justice Forever!


  1. These Judges are abusive, cruel, and will do whatever they want. You are left feeling less than human after one of these "rounds" in court. Something needs to be done with MIKE NOWACKI he needs to be free!

  2. He's a sick, evil scumbag who deserves everything he's getting. And more.

  3. This stupidity has to stop

  4. He is a mean spirited, belligerent, arrogant crazy man. He victimized his wife, his nanny ,mhis children,man's makes wild accusations against everyone else. His behavior in court proves he has had a break with reality. He is dangerous.
    As for his accusations against the judiciary, they are pure nonsense from a deranged man.

  5. Clearly, not everyone feels this way about Michael. And so I am not invalidating your points, but letting you know there are different perspectives. Also, even crazy people have constitutional rights, including the right to due process, and violating those just because you think a person is troublesome, that isn't the American way. We still believe in the rule of law. I also have to say that I really dislike these kinds of end runs around democracy and the use of critical thinking by calling a person "crazy." It short cuts actually address what are real problems by dismissing the people who talk about them as "crazy." I'll tell you what crazy is. Crazy is thinking you are having an intimate relationship with Clark Gable when Clark Gable is dead. That is what crazy is. Crazy is not having a different opinion on things than the majority. So, use your terminology correctly, and also in a way that doesn't awfulize. You say that Michael is "dangerous". Why? You are talking about an older fellow who is in his late fifties, am I correct? Has he physically harmed anyone yet? I have an 85 year old mother who waves knives around, which is a lot more than Michael does. She hasn't killed anyone yet. Personally, I don't think Michael is any more likely to be "dangerous" than my mother is. Why do people throw these terms around. It is simply a way to invalidate a person by describing them as somehow inhumanly different than the rest of us. If you can't do more than throw extreme terminology into the conversation and you can't sit down and have a reasonable and intelligent conversation, then I think the burden is on you to prove the points you are making, but you haven't so far.

  6. You are an ignorant fool. The damage this "man" has done to the vast majority of people he comes in contact with is significant. Being a danger is not limited to physical harm. The emotional and psychological scars are every bit as real,damaging and long lasting. Do yourself a favor and cease speaking with such authority on a subject you do not have first hand knowledge of. You may say you know him, but you have zero knowledge of what he has done.

  7. I do know that the family court system is not a place where you can address the kind of hurt that you are describing. It makes no sense to jail people because you disagree with them. People of good will find ways to resolve problems. I don't want to invalidate where you are coming from, but I have lived long enough to know that like Jesus said, everyone is rotten no matter who they are, and the person who says, no, I never cause any difficulties in other peoples' lives is probably lying. How does it go, Carly Simon, "The lovers cling and claw and drown in love's debris."

  8. it makes sense to jail people who broke the law, on multiple occasions, shows no remorse or accepts no responsibility. he did, cut and dried. he's out now but he will go back.

  9. Well, one of my many points is that in family court people break the law, on multiple occasions, lie, lie, lie, and show no remorse and accept no responsibility, and no one puts them in jail or demands they undergo psychiatric evaluations. Why pick on Michael Nowacki especially? I believe there were financial irregularities in this case on the part of Suzanne Nowacki and that custody was used to divert attention from those financial irregularities.

  10. Once again, you are very ignorant and completely wrong. He claimed there were, contacted numerous authorities to "blow the whistle", all of whom have dropped their respective investigations. The only place there are irregularities is in his twisted mind. And, he hasn't paid a dime to support his children in almost 2 years. Good father, don't you think? Oh, and this too is contempt. He'll soon be dealing with this as well.

    1. One of the thing litigants in high conflict are well aware of is that often the public record is different than the private record, what seems to be is very different than what actually is, and that the private agreements between attorneys and judges often overrides the truth. You seem to glory in the idea of putting Michael in jail. How are you going to explain that to the children involved here. Hurray, Hurray, we put your Dad in jail! You think that this attitude is going to benefit them? Children only want their parents, and they only want them safe. So it seems to me, get a mediator you both trust, get mediators you both trust independently, and get the mediators to negotiate, do something, but get the threats off the table and start talking. Put the children first, really, instead of just talking rashly and rattling sabers.

    2. Cathy:
      Maniacal Nowacki was convicted by a jury of his peers. After a full trial. After he put on evidence all kinds of his nonsense. The jury listened to his ratings and concluded he had to be convicted and jailed. He had protective orders against him to protect his wife and nanny because he's a danger. And he violated them. He was chasing his ex wife banging on the car despite a protective order. He has total contempt for the truth.he just makes up wild, false Ccusations Nd pursues them as though me going to Congress and demanding you be jailed forever because your blog violates my constitutional and statutory rights to be free from uninformed opinions!!!
      His wife has been victimized. His nanny has been victimized. His in laws have been victimized. Very many public officials have been victimized. He's disruptedublic herrings without regard for others. He is mean spirited, belligerent, nasty, hateful and bigoted. He refuses to listen to anyone and Ccuses everyone of wild crimes. He's tried mightily to get his children's grandparents arrested. He is narcissistic, evil and dangerous. Thank God he will be off the streets for a while!

    3. I can see you don't like Michael Nowacki, which is your prerogative. However, I do have problems with your calling him "maniacal" since Mr. Nowacki was evaluated by a mental health professional who stated that Mr. Nowacki does not have any mental health issues.

  11. you are either incredibly misinformed or as crazy as he is. take a look at this excerpt from the custody case decision:

    At the evidentiary hearing on May 19, 2011,17 Dr. Robson testified that, while he had no concerns with the plaintiff's parenting skills, as she had exhibited remarkable strength in the face of significant stressors, the defendant had severe impairments which interfered with his day-to-day functioning and judgment.   Dr. Robson testified to his belief that the defendant was bipolar, manic/psychotic with paranoid personality disorder with histrionic and narcissistic traits.   Dr. Robson characterized the defendant as having a serious and pervasive illness requiring treatment, therapy and possibly medication.18  Additionally, Dr. Robson testified the defendant has a high IQ but is vindictive,19 impulsive and susceptible to boundary violations.   He stated, as well, that the defendant's thinking is tangential, his speech overproductive, and that he exhibits a merging of ideas.   Dr. Robson indicated that he had the opportunity to observe the defendant's participation in the court proceedings on May 10 and 19, 2011.20  His observations at these proceedings only served to confirm his diagnosis.   Dr. Robson observed the defendant talking over the court and participants, with little apparent regard for others.   Dr. Robson noted that when the court muted the defendant's remarks, the defendant appeared to enjoy himself, smiled and relaxed, projecting a feeling of being in “charge” of a situation most people would have found uncomfortable.   Dr. Robson testified that the children, particularly Kerry, were vulnerable to their father's poor parenting skills and nonexistent co-parenting ability.   Dr. Robson opined that, unfortunately, the severity of the defendant's impairment prevents him from appreciating the impact of his behavior on the children.   Dr. Robson concluded the defendant was not emotionally safe as a parent and therefore it was not in the best interest of the children to be in his care and custody so long as his condition remained untreated and unabated.   Dr. Robson's findings were thorough and persuasive and are adopted by the court.

    Still have a problem?????

  12. You are talking about the pedophile lover Dr. Robson, this is the psychiatrist you want me to listen to? Ok, I'm really laughing, seriously. Furthermore, I am not a member of the school of invalidating other people with psychiatric labels. Clearly, Mr. Nowacki has been the way he has been for a considerable period of time and this is probably not new for the ex wife. I think being respectful of the father of your children, treating the other party in a divorce equitably, not lying and cheating in order to get your way can go a considerable distance in resolving matters such as this kind. Just saying.

  13. You've obviously answered my question. It's "B". Amazing how you folk gravitate to each other. Guess it validates your warped point of views. Enjoy Mars.

  14. Congrats to Mr Nowacki for taking on these wicked creeps. I can see he is attempting to do so within their own game and imo he should step back out a little and fight the fundemental morality and human rights issues a bit more. One of those is that as a natural father he has God given and natural rights to not only see but to influence and teach his children. To undermine that parenting right should take far, far more than anything I have seen alleged against him. The first standard of government in respect of the family is to butt out and stay out. To override that standard there needs to be a very extreme reason to do so. Government should not be raising and brainwashing children to its beliefs.
    As for that psychologist, I can see even in that quote that he would be a lying, misguided, reprobate, even knowing little of the case or the person he is describing. It also appears he is lying and exaggerating to please the court as a :friend and beneficiary of the court. These types are the icon of false alchemy and gibberish who have historically been used by courts to uphold and justify it's corruption and deception from basic truth and reality. More simply, the courts provide their income and they in turn act as a witness beyond man that no man can question. Meanwhile, the reality of their judgement and statement and how they acheive that is no more valid than voodoo or a made up religion to accomplish a goal. It is impossible for that psychologist to judge Mr Nowacki in the ways that he has and it is apparent that he is just attempting to validate things he saw that others may not like. Well, people hate the truth and so does he.