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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Join Corruptct in organizing a protest against the Connecticut Department of Children and Families which was recently cited by the Supreme Court for improperly removing children from homes based upon the debunked, unconstitutional, voodoo psychiatric theory known as "predictive neglect."  In other words, DCF has the right to take your children away from you permanently based upon the idea not that you actually neglected them, but that you MIGHT neglect them.  If this outrages you, as it should, contact Corruptct at the link below:

or email them at:

The people united, can never be defeated!

Justice Today!  Justice Tomorrow!  Justice Forever!


  1. This is excellent! If people would unite and fight for their rights maybe so many chimdren wouldn't be taken away, DCF in Connecticut is a cash for kids scandal. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE, there have been attempted protest's in the past but many do not show. The best way to save your family is to stand up to them, as they are like VAMPIRES they do not like the light, the spot light. If people continue to ignore the chance to UNITE and stand up for the saftey and well being of our children it will only get wors, they will continue to HUNT our children. Contact the link, get involved!!!!

  2. DCF seems to target the uneducated person who does not have the resources to fight against them. There are a few entities in Hartford that will provide pro Bono legal services against DCF if you find your chidren being targetted by them but these entities only represent the children, not the parents/guardians/etc. I know of a few persons who have used DCF to help them with issues such as school bullying and are happy with what DCF did.
    I agree my experience is the DCF acts in a very arbritrary and capricious manner. So Yes, I will gladly protest for any reform, but it is difficult to determine what should be done to address its faults.

  3. Be wary of those pro bono offerings, it's usually the same money funding both.

    1. I'd agree with you there. Any time there is free money coming to you, something is suspicious.

  4. I want to unite moms and dads who have changed for good and still dcf won't give their children back they dwell oh the past nut not how far you become on getting your children back i myself is involved in a case and need support and help to go live on tv to fight for what's right please if you wanna meet contact me asap we need to fight or call me 203 551-0633 please contact me any time doesn't matter because our children come first thank you I will explain more about my situation

  5. half of these dcf workers don't even have kids so how is it there right to tell us how to raise are a mass father of two and one step daughter been involved for 3 or more years and still fighting as they tare and crumble my girlfriend of two down to her pride and joy and still these animals don't care how u or we feel and the children as long as the make a quick buck of there lies and of course no judge or lawyer believes us parents. they think were to blame but truthfully some of us out there might be but the one that are not let stand for what we believe are rights as good loving willing caring parents the system's are corrupted with thes so called professionals of dcf' Dss blame us when they should be punished in court for lie on stands not getting a pat on the back and a promotion to other units to destroy other good family's

    OMG people these are are Children ARE Kids Are life's
    The governor is to blame as well for passing
    These laws that choose one side well were here
    two stand UP to these strangers to are kids

  6. Its really hard to hear what this world is doing to are kids ur kids everyone that is involved with these people companies DSS DCF
    courts Of so called justice. We all make mistakes some worse then others but we are all still human and Im not saying DSS DCF is always wrong but 75 to 80 percent workers do lie under oth and get away with were is justice there and these court appointed lawyers are just as to blame the state pays them so pretty much if u aint got 2500 to 5000 u dont have a chance these so called court appointed lawyers should have more power to say to but don't why because the state pays them same state that supports
    DSS DCF. What really hurts us as parents is the years we miss with are own children this not fair to us or are children. Most cases start with these 51a or 51b even false ones two and phone calls
    and of course they like to bring police to to make u intimated fear scare u like u did something wrong when most of us did not well we all now were im going with this one another day.

    All im saying is we as parents are getting shoved away from are children are kids future are future are dreams and are love of being that great dad and that super mom give us a chance to heal and grow strong enough so the hole world will listen to are story's words get around alot faster then u think.
    U all have a safe night and be back soon.

  7. There are so many people that will stand up and protest against DCF we need to do this and fast you need to have over a million people and I'm sure we can get it I'm ready if you guys are already let's do this