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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Have you ever had your constitutional or civil rights abused by a police department, a school district or a public official who has threatened your arrest if you entered public property without permission?

On December 18, at 9:30am at the U.S. District Court in New Haven, the Honorable Janet C. Hall will preside upon a Motion for Injunctive Relief filed by Plaintiff Michael Nowacki who has sued the Town of New Canaan, Connecticut in federal court for abuses of his constitutional
and civil rights.

As you know, Michael Nowacki was arrested on February 22, 2010 and was exonerated from the allegations set forth by his ex-wife Susanne Sullivan and a child care provider which resulted in his arrest.
Nowacki has sued the NCPD and other Town officials for his malicious prosecution on these unsupported allegations and various public officials engaged in a series of retaliations which deprived him of various fundamental First, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
On September 7, 2012, Nowacki sued the Town of New Canaan in federal court and then on October 28, 2012 his lawyer John R. Williams filed a Motion for Temporary Injunctive Relief.
Five lawyers for the Town of New Canaan who represented the Board of Education and the NCPS, NCPD, and other Town of New Canaan officials argued that this lawsuit was not a matter for federal court jurisdiction in a Motion filed on November 5.
Various legal briefs were exchanged and the Honorable Janet C. Hall ruled on November 20, in Nowacki's favor, setting forth a hearing for injunctive federal court relief to be considered on December 18, 2012.
Nowacki, through his amended federal complaint filed on December 1 in docket 3:12cv1296 TJCH), is seeking a cease and desist order be issued by the federal court at the December 18 to order the Board of Education, the NCPD and New Canaan public to remove these deprivations of his rights that require Nowacki to receive permissions for the Superintendent of Schools to attend public events conducted on public facilities operated by the NCPS system.
Nowacki has asked for a jury trial on the allegations set forth in his federal suit.
Town lawyers, who are being paid through liability insurance coverage by the Town of New Canaan, attempted to also seek a protective order from the federal court, in a Motion filed attempting to obstruct access to information requested by Nowacki pursuant to the application of the Freedom of Information Act. The Honorable Janet C. Hall on November 6, 2012 denied the Town of New Canaan's attempts to block the access to public records to prove widespread corruption in the NCPD, NCPS and the operations of the Town of New Canaan's municipality's operations
Nowacki is seeking the support of this blog's followers and others that have been similarly abused.
He is inviting all those who have an interest in the protection of fundamental constitutional and civil rights of parents to attend the December 18, 2012 hearing in the federal court building at 141 Church Street in New Haven.
There you can observe the testimony of as many as ten public officials and the presentation of the foundation for Nowacki's request for the preservation of fundamental rights which have been deprived since May 20, 2011.
Under such civil rights cases, Nowacki has also filed for the application, after trial for these constitutional and civil rights abuses, to have his Attorney's costs covered pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 1988.
Nowacki notified the Town Attorney of New Canaan just this morning, that yesterday he provided a series of documents to the U.S. Attorney's office in New Haven, documents which provide evidence of the corruption in the Town of New Canaan.
Nowacki's plight has been chronicled on his website, where you can find background on the initial federal complaint and other documents supporting his allegations of constitutional and civil rights abuses following his filing of the federal suit.


  1. Yes I have been violated many times by the Westbrook Middle School Principal Mr. House, the SDE, the CPS court in Middletown, CT.(Judge Stuart Bear, who is now in the Appeallate court, HMMM), the West HavenPD(assaulted by them and false reported by my son's fathers girlfiend to)GAL-Sue Cousineau, The Middletown Juvenile court Clerk- Kirsten NIchols Golden, troop F or Ftroop in Westbrook, DCF workers; Jeannine Weiss (Middletown),Nancy Kavanaugh(Norwich), and James Shea (Milford), there's more and everywhere I stand up for my child and I. Please support me at my family court hearing on 12/13/12 at 10AM 235 Church ST. New Haven, CT. 3rd floor and I will continue to support you. contact me for details:

  2. The level of institutionalized corruption in this state is disgusting. 20+ years in construction, it is appalling to hear educated lawyers sworn to observe the laws of this state say the same thing an uneducated laborer says on a construction site, "This is just the way things are done." And it is not limited to the lawyers alone.

  3. The Family Courts are used to decades of extortion and fraud. The police are their mercenary military force and are known to violate the law and intimidate people frequently. Family Courts are a racket to bring in child support money that gets them federal incentives money under TItle IVd and VAWA for awarding child support and collecting back support. This is a multibillion dollar per year industry. That is why there is a known biased against men in the court systems across the country, that encourages women to take the father of their children to court to turn him into a cash machine using his children. "Single dads now account for 8 percent of American households with children, up from 6.3 percent in 2000". 92% of divorces filed by college educated couples (higher earners) are filed by women. This encouragement is to make sure women know they will get, with almost guaranteed certainty, custody, support (equalling hundreds per week and hundreds of thousands over the childhood of the children), the house, and additional funds for care, along with the ability to harass their child's father with impunity using the children as pawns. Every child support award and back support collected equals money to the state under these federal incentives.

  4. I'm including this link about the Catholic Church and the Pope at the Vatican supporting Shared Parenting, an issue your group is not wanting to care about...times are changing...

    Here is the link for the Catholic Church shared parenting endorsement. ..even the church recognizes women pull custody crap for profit.

    1. Yes, the Catholic Church is receiving millions and millions of dollars in fatherhood initiative money.

    2. Where's your evidence of such money...? I think the truth hurts...

    3. All you have to do is look up fatherhood initiative money online on google and then follow the links. You can also read "Motherless America" by Doreen Ludwig, and read articles by Anne Stevenson who has done considerable work on the issue. FYI, the oppression of women and children is a time honored tradition, not only here in America where it flourishes, but all over the world. I'm sure you are aware of that.

  5. Actually all your woman links mean nothing....all researched by gender bias me a dedicated objective new organization. ..

    1. Many of the blogs on this website have been written in support of fathers, including the one above.

  6. Not really. ..there's nothing in this blog to support Shared Parenting. ..