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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


According to Norm Pattis, we should "Let King Solomon Loose in Family Court."

Attorney Pattis continues, "A good friend of mine is tied down in never-ending litigation in family court. He’s trying to get back into the lives of his children. He’s never been accused of abusing them. He pays his child support dutifully. He’s never neglected them. But he’s still been locked out of their lives for a couple years now.
So I gave him some legal advice the other day.
“Walk away and don’t fight to try to get back into their lives. They will come back to you in time.”

That sounds counter-intuitive to most of you, I am sure. Shouldn’t he fight to get back into his kids lives?"

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  1. Somewhere in the neighborhood of five years ago, Norm Pattis went on record (via the CT Law Tribune) as describing the "CT Family Court System in CT" as essentially a 'Lawless Court' for which he was severely chastised in rebuttal print by some of his fellow colleagues (most notably the money-monger, churn-and-burn firms in Lower Fairfield County forums - i.e. the 'favorites' that practice primarily in Stamford Court). Naming names would be superfluous as anyone who has ever been a party in even a remotely financial complex or high conflict case there - or both - surely knows by dint of experience who they are. Point being, truer words were never spoken....sadly over and over again....and from the horse's mouth (meaning a Commissioner of The Court) no less. Incredibly, Connecticut lays claim to perhaps TWO of the most "Lawless Courts" in the entire USA land, with high honors for not only Family Court (in the 'rich' judicial districts for sure) but also in, an oft times cross-over, in the CT Probate Courts (also in the 'rich' judicial districts as well, no surprise of course - corruption follows the money and visa versa). And with tentacles, as yet fully investigated here or by anyone, include Norm Pattis, into perhaps the CT Department of Revenue Services and the IRS itself (the third spouse in ANY divorce preceedings, and surely an 'heir apparent' likewise in any cross- contaminated "family" judicial actions. It is a wholesale travesty of justice set of forums cesspool of epic proportions, downstate in particular. Where is the gutsy, investigative reporter, Rich Greene of the Hartford Courant where and when he's needed most?

  2. The CT Legislature could investigate all this if they had the guts. Thats what the people need here. See CGS 2-46, 2-53d, 2-53g. There's also the inspector general for HHS who should look into all this as the corruption in family courts is a national crisis that's been left unbridled hurting parents and children for decades.

  3. Could and should investigate. I am the female version of Norm, fighting for my child's life against an abusive, alcoholic, well-connected native of CT. I am being treated like the manipulative, battering, parenting-challenged side when I am the one that's responsible, takes care of my child 100% of the time, and just want to leave this horrible state and this man labeled as my husband. Between DCF, local police, and the Governor's office, I have no help despite years of giving them incriminating information, pictures, illegal documents from his past, witnesses, doctored federal financials, etc. on a silver platter, but I too am lost in the CT "judicial" and "family" court systems. The "it is what is", "eye for an eye", "I'll scratch your back" mentality has had me and my child homeless, abused, and nowhere to turn. How do senior government officials turn their back on this kind of situation? What is their fiduciary duty as any sort of representative in this state?! "Lawless" is a great way to put it. If your attorney, if that's what you call people with law licenses here, don't know the judge, you might as well hand over your child to the unfit, corrupt parent who has the attorney that knows everyone. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT. This state should be ashamed with this third world communist system they call "court". It's unnerving, illegal, and impossible to survive.

  4. There is too much money exchanging hands for any genuine change to take place, and this starts right from the top. I'll say that right away. I personally think that The Hartford Courant is somehow also profiting because they refuse to do any kind of serious investigation of this problem, which they could. And when they do report on Family Court, they simply reproduce the excuses the CT Judicial Branch and implicated attorneys parent about the problem solely arising from a minority of mentally ill parents. It is a shame--it seems as though everyone is bought off.