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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Note From Catharine Sloper:  This is an older article, but it reflects what goes on regularly in family court.  Please also note that in 2014, when he was reporting to the CGA Judiciary Committee, Judge Solomon stated that no one gets thrown in jail from family court.  We know the truth.

March 15, 2011|By Rick Green

I went to debtors’ court, aka Magistrate Harris T. Lifshitz’s family court in Hartford, to see how a man could end up in jail because he’s broke.

Recall the story of Gerald Frazee, the former CEO now living in Simsbury who, when his business career in California imploded, failed to make disputed support payments to his ex-wife and ended up in Lifshitz’s courtroom.

Frazee was sent to jail for two months, largely because Magistrate Lifshitz believes the formerly high-flying businessman was hiding the approximately $167,000 he may or may not owe to his wife.

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