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Monday, December 22, 2014


For a recent interview on CT Family Court with Ted Taupier on Corruptct, please click on the link below:

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  1. Trial Up-Date: Edward Taupier Email - never sent an email to a Judge, there is no evidence he was even in the state when the Yahoo account sent the email. The fact is the police never wanted to collect computer forensic information related to the alleged crime is highly suspect; they the CT State Police were there to steal his GUNS, not investigate a crime. The Civil Risk Warrant was issued and then dismissed, no criminal search and seizure warrant ever issued, but not before the police took photos in Mr. Taupier‘s home without a search and seizure warrant. TRP Andrew Katrenya admitted he had no probable cause to arrest him on the stand and did not even know where the IP Address connected to the email until October 2 2014. Yet Mr. Taupier was arrested and incarcerated on August 29th
    The CT State police admitted they sought no evidence of the email threat crime, they were just there to arrest him and “grab his Guns” on retaliation for the alleged email to a CT Family Court Judge (Elizabeth Bozzuto) because the judge took it personal, once she learned of the protected political speech which was originally sent by Linda Allard who actually sent the threat to the Judge.

    Linda Allard is a DCF court vendor for the Greater Hartford legal aid org. and a life time DCF adoption lawyer who has adopted 9 children as a single mother; she is now lobbing for a judicial appointment. (She is looking to be a Judge in Family Court of CT). Linda’s accomplice Jennifer Verraneault ( the co-sender of the email threat to the Judge which has yet to be determined from anyone) , founder - Family Court Consultants LLC with her business partner and live-in boyfriend Jerry Mastrangelo (Master Jell-O) who two weeks earlier stared a family court mediation business without a law degree or any college education where she is looking to leverage this arrest to win favor as a preferred business with the CT Family Court system.

    Additional thoughts - The email has been read many times in court and no one knows who wrote it or sent it. They even played a 2hr Blog talk radio show - and entered the recording into the states record as fact with no objections and no redactions. This recording is a documented account of the corruption in the court systems and Mr. Taupier clearly states it was a rant of political free speech to which the judicial system took personal and then retaliated against a father who cares about his children.

    After reviewing Mr. Taupier ‘s facebook posts you will see not only is he the primary parental figure for his children but he CT Judicial System and Family Court System is completely out of control. The contents of the email do not meet the true threat doctrine? The CT State Police collect absolutely no forensics evidence of the crime. The CT State Police insider even warned Mr. Taupier the day before the SWAT raid that the state judiciary wanted him dead out of retaliation