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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


"Melissa Harris: More Of Her Living Nightmare .The Fight For Her Children. She exposes names of the people behind the corruption and collusion within Connecticut family court and Connecticut DCF. With a GAG order still in place, she feels it is not only her first amendment right to speak but the only way to get the truth out about her story. Her desperate need for an attorney to defend the false allegations and trumped up lies.

After two trials, awaiting her THIRD, she has not been found guilty of neglect, medical, sexual, emotional, physical or educational. Melissa exposes the names of the people involved in her case, social workers, attorneys and even judges covering up the truth, withholding evidence that proves she is not the parent they should be concerned about. Strings being pulled like Geppetto and the lies keep growing like Pinocchio’s nose, at this rate it continues to grow more and more as Melissa shares more about her story."
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