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Sunday, February 1, 2015


According to Bill Sarno,
"The changes enacted last year as to how the state’s family courts operate appear to be just the first steps in reforming a  system which some critics have described as incestuous, secretive and having greatly distressed some families, both financially and emotionally.
While much of the impetus for the changes initially came from the legislature, with Reps. Minnie Gonzalez and Edwin Vargas of Hartford leading the fight for  passage of the reform bill, the state judicial branch now also indicates its increased willingness to improve and streamline  how it treats family matters and is introducing several bills this session.
Rep. Minnie Gonzalez (D) Hartford has fought for changes in the family court system or five years.  Photo credit:
Rep. Minnie Gonzalez (D) Hartford has fought for changes in the family court system for five years. Photo credit:
Gonzalez, who has campaigned for the system’s reform for five years, is also not done.  She also is sponsoring new bills this year that call for additional continued changes in the system with Vargas as her co-sponsor. “I have submitted nine bills this session,” she said, which demonstrates her commitment to overhauling the current system.
According to Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, program manager of communications for the judiciary, the reforms called for in  Public Act 14-3, the bill passed during last year’s legislative session, have already been implemented by the family court system as it pertains to them.  The bill required, among other things, that the judiciary establish a code of conduct and a sliding fee schedule for attorneys for minor children (AMC) and guardians ad litem (GAL). The latter are individuals, often attorneys, who the courts appoint to protect the interests of minor children in custody cases, while the former focus on legal issues."
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  1. She "may" have good intentions OR she just may be trying to get a following because if you look it is not that difficult to find. She has been known as a "corrupt official" since an appellate court ruling in 2006. Gonzalez's conduct continued further. Here is a link Share this with the people.

    1. All of what you say could be true--I would need to look into it. However, Minnie is the only one speaking up for the truth when it comes to family court reform. She is standing up for the thousands of victims of the family court racketeers who are brutalizing and torturing so many parents and children throughout this state solely for the purpose of profiting from their suffering. The question should be, therefore, not why does this flawed individual act is such a courageous manner, because here we have Rep. Minnie Gonzalez who is by no means perfect, who has children who have made mistakes, but who speaks out with eloquence and precision in regard to the disgrace that constitutes our family courts here in CT, challenges the corrupt mental health professionals, the attorneys who have abdicated their responsibilities, the question is not why Rep. Gonzalez, the question should be where are the other representatives and senators in Judiciary Committee who should be doing likewise. How is it that the Judiciary Committee has left the major responsibility for reforming our flawed family court system on the shoulder of a single individual. How disgraceful is that. No matter how corrupt Rep. Gonzalez may be, nothing quite matches the corruption of all the other Senators and Representatives who sit by doing nothing to hold the CT Family Court accountable while leaving one lone independent courageous voice to speak out, i.e. that of Rep. Minnie Gonzalez? Like the St. Paul we know after his confrontation with Christ on the way to Tarsus, Rep. Gonzalez speaks the truth with a power and vibrancy I could hardly imagine, personally. That's what happens to flawed individuals who are called to leadership despite all that is wrong with them. Martin Luther King, a flawed individual, a man of many mistakes, who I am sure lived to regret many of his actions, yet a man who inspired and continues to inspire generations of freedom fighters. Likewise, Rep. Minnie Gonzalez has been called to rise upon her own personal defects, to put aside the grief of the loss of a child, and has been called to lend her voice to the chorus of voices now speaking out about the bad behavior of Court personnel, to bring these injustices out in the open and hold the wrongdoers to account. History is full of examples of flawed individuals being called to rise to the occasion. If what you are pointing out is true, it would appear that Rep. Minnie Gonzalez is another leader being called to lead, not because she is strong, but because she is weak, not because she deserves to stand among the righteous, but because she makes no such claims. She is a simple, humble woman, a mother, born of an oppressed peoples, who is willing to stand among the powerful and the mighty and call them all to account. If she is wrong, prove her wrong, but you can't do that, because she is right. But stop making personal attacks against her and trying to smear her reputation. Of course, we who have endured family court know exactly what that is all about, having attorneys and judges fabricate entire histories out of innuendos and lies and manipulating language. Rep. Gonzalez asks the state legislature to establish within the CT Judicial Branch the proper safeguards to eliminate corruption and wrongdoing. If any legislator, or mental health worker, or judge, or attorney, or clerk opposes those safeguards, we are going to ask why that opposition. Is it because such people prefer the fraud and racketeering and exploitation of family court victims that is going on now? is that why? If so, shame on every last one of you.