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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Join Corruptct's upcoming rally against DCF abuse on February 28, 2015, 1:00pm -  5:00pm.  For more details, please click on the link below:


  1. Public demonstration is a good idea in order to give these important issues the attention they need.

  2. I agree public demonstrations are important. However, if you and your family are harmed by DCF corruption and wrongdoing you should file suit in federal court under Section 1983 and contact the Connecticut Public Task Force at the New Haven FBI and New Haven US Attys office. This state is a cesspool of corruption. Get the feds involved.

  3. I have already filed in federal court and I personally found that court to be just as corrupt if not more so than the state courts. Also, I have been in touch with the New Haven U.S. Attorneys Office and also the FBI. Generally, they do nothing, just like their state counterparts. There was supposed to be a federal investigation into the compliance of the CT Judicial Branch with the ADA last year--nothing came of it. The current investigation that was recently announced by Attorney Deirdre Daly -- what can I say, she also ran the ADA investigation that came to nothing. So I am not holding my breath regarding any of these enforcement agencies because they have been observing the wrongdoing and corruption for years, plus people have reported this wrongdoing for years; they have filed detailed complaints and been ignored. There is clearcut collusion in perpetrating the corruption between federal and state officials. Everyone is happily making tons of money off of the weak and vulnerable. It is a real racket, and the provisions such as Section 1983 are completely useless. We are living in our communities with the illusion that we have the rule of law as a safety net. It does not exist.