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Thursday, February 26, 2015



  1. More on erosion of parental rights:

    School Based Diversion Initiative: Coming to a school near you?

    This initiative partners with DCF to send emergency psychiatric services to intervene with children in our schools. See link at page 15.

    "Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services (EMPS)
    – A component of Connecticut’s behavioral health system,

    funded and managed by DCF"

    People may want to be visible with their Boards of Ed to prevent this government intrusion. This program is already in some Connecticut schools...they'd like it to be statewide.

  2. This SBDI is another example of psychologists trying to profit off the backs of children and of a back door to intrusions by government into protected rights. School based arrests are down and there's no justification for this program. It's also duplicative of what many Town's Juvenile Review Boards are commissioned for. Those in the family court system with exposure to State appointed psychs know the devastation they can cause with their unsupported opinions and know this game too well. The SBDI is a bad idea for school districts. The best defense seems to head this government intrusion off at the local level at the Board of Ed.

  3. It looks like this is part of the governor's plan to move services to DCF, and DCF's plan to expand reach. The intrusion doesn't seem necessary or reasonable. Here is how the plan is posed:

    "There's no escaping that the tragedy in Newtown serves as the context for what we are about to do," said DCF Commissioner Joette Katz. "We have to make Connecticut a much safer place for our (families) and our children."

    The plan will examine how to change aspects of mental health services, including establishing better access to care, early identification of behavioral issues and crisis response and management.

    See link in CT Post:

  4. The plan includes a state mandated mental health screening of our children in the schools, and reporting for a data base.

    Any legislation furthering this plan should be opposed .

    Did the Commissioner speak about these plans recently at the hearing on her reappointment?

  5. Here is the plan to mandate psych screening for your child, infiltrate schools and have EMPS services access your children at school,

    Government Intrusion at its best....This implementation needs the support of the Legislature. Parents and advocacy groups should oppose.

  6. Folks who are keeping track of this legislation, if you could keep me updated about important events, opportunities to provide testimony, and to support opposition to these plans, that would be great. I appreciate all this great information.

  7. Here is a start:

    SB 841 (implementation)

    HB 5373 (State Mandated Screening)

    There are probably many more, and more to come.

  8. SB 917 An Act Concerning School Based Health Centers

    So picture this...

    A State mandated assessment says your child is mentally ill and needs to take disagree and maybe your second opinion disagrees...DCF takes your child for medical neglect and forces the psychotropics on your child.

    Why would the citizens allow this door to be opened, now having seen what our Supreme Court has done with medical rights of our children in the State of a Connecticut?