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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Gerry Garcia speaks out in support of Rep. Minnie Gonzalez as follows:
"I read with sadness and disappointment the Courant’s editorial, Rep Gonzalez Insulting Email Disgraceful. In your zeal to pin blame on Connecticut’s senior Latina legislator, what’s most disgraceful is that the Courant’s editors completely miss the much bigger issue.
We happen to be in the midst of a national conversation on police use of excessive force, of dead black men, of brutality that would never have come to light but for ordinary citizen bystanders with camera phones.  Too many black and brown Americans – from South Carolina to New York to Los Angeles to our own East Haven – fear for our lives when we’re engaged by police.  Rather than blaming the Latina for an inappropriate e-mail, where is the Editors’ righteous indignation that Republican legislators put politics and personal animus ahead of this important national conversation and related legislation?"

For more information on this important issue, please click on the link below:


  1. What I think is important to note percentage wise is that the State of CT arrests more Hispanic males than any other state in the Nation. This is why the police surveillance legislation was so important. On top of that there was a very significant bill under consideration to root out corruption among state employees and public officials, all side lined by Rep. Rebimbas irresponsible behavior. On top of that there was other legislation in regard to domestic violence that is now dead. And then the Republicans have the nerve to try and pin the responsibility for this nonsense on Rep. Gonzalez who was simply trying to defend one of her constituents from the lies that Rep. Rebimbas told out her. Enough is enough. People need to make sure that Rebimbas doesn't get reelected for another term. Her behavior is outrageous.

  2. The temptation is too great--I have to say it. Rebimbas is a bimbo, Rebimbas is a bimbo!