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Monday, March 27, 2017


Foundation for the Child Victims of Family Court

WHAT: Federal Civil Rights Case of Scott Powell 
Suing the New Canaan Police and Maternal Grandparents for Protecting their Grandchildren from Abuse and Harm 

WHEN:    March 28, 2017 at  3:00 p.m. 

WHERE:  Bridgeport District Court
WHO:    Powell v Alexander Case #:3:16-cv-01654, Judge Underhill


This Fairfield County federal case being heard tomorrow in Bridgeport District Court involves two young girls who have been traumatized and have suffered years of Adverse Childhood  Experiences ACEs:

The father, Scott Powell, continues to use litigation as a means to control and punish all who get in his way of his ultimate triumph, i.e. punishing the woman who left him by taking away custody of their two daughters. It happens everyday in courts across America, but seems to be an epidemic in Connecticut family courts. Scott Powell now continues to use litigation abuse to try to convince all involved he is a caring loving father and deny access to the grandparents.

Scott Powell was an abusive spouse who has allegations made against him by his own two daughters. Mr. Powell is now suing in Federal court for civil rights violations. The Defendants are the maternal grandparents (mother is an Emergency Room RN) and New Canaan police officers who took testimony from the daughters of their alleged sexual abuse.  Mr. Powell has retained a high powered attorney John Williams and the grandparents are self represented. 

"Perpetrators may use litigation as a form of ongoing control and harassment. The family court litigation process can become a tool for batterers to continue their abusive behavior in a new forum (Jaffe et al., 2003a). Litigation exacts a high emotional and financial price for abused women already overwhelmed with the aftermath of a violent relationship. Some authors have suggested that some batterers have the presentation and social skills to present themselves positively in court and persuade assessors and judges to award them custody (Bowermaster & Johnson, 1998; Zorza, 1995). 

"The willingness to pathologize capable mothers even extends to mothers’ 'warm, involved” parenting -- which they assert can powerfully fuel alienation in a child (Johnson et al., 2005, p. 208; Kelly and Johnston, 2001). Such discussions are more than sufficient to ensure that whenever a mother and child have ambivalence about the children’s father, and certainly in most cases where mothers allege abuse, virtually any loving parenting by the mother can be labeled a form of “alienation.” Joan Meier, JD, Professor, George Washington School of Law

And Why Did the Grandparents Lose the Right to See their Granddaughters in the first place?

Eric Frazer Psy.D, the Connecticut forensic evaluator recommended by Fathers’ Rights groups and billed as a "Parental Alienation Expert", was hired by Scott Powell to do the evaluation and write a report without meeting the grandparents who were vilified and denied custody of the two daughter.  Dr. Frazer is the evaluator in several other infamous Connecticut custody cases ( Sorrentino Case - Mom Jailed ) where children were given sole legal and physical custody to allegedly abusive fathers.   Eric Frazer, Psy.D has a  questionable psychology degree from the Miami Institute of Psychology, which formerly was the Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies and Miami-Dade Community College.  His bio online claims he is an assistant professor at Yale School of Psychiatry, but all documents online refer to him  as a volunteer Fellow Supervisor  in the Yale Hispanic Mental Health Clinic….Only one research  paper published with his name on it ...hispanic mental health issues.* He is the only Psychologist in Connecticut to be recommended as a PAS Expert.  See the link below:

*The Hispanic Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine New Haven, CT 2016 – present Psychology Fellow Supervisors: Manuel Paris, Psy.D., Michelle Silva, Psy.D., Luis AƱez, Psy.D., Eric Frazer, Psy.D.

Scholarly Project: Evaluate the needs of the Hispanic Clinic client population using a mixed-methods approach with a focus on examining how cultural values affect client service utilization.

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