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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Let us today remember the victims of the fake diagnosis PAS or PA or "alienation" or however father's rights people choose to designate it. 

This is often designated "the mental illness that HAS NO NAME" because judges who know that it is illegal to seize children from fit mothers based upon this quack diagnosis simply state on the record that the mother has a mental illness but they don't know what it is.  We know, however, exactly what they mean.  We know that such judges are committing fraud against mothers, many of whom are victims of abuse, or their children are victims of abuse. 

These mothers who were falsely accused have often lost all access to their children, were bankrupted, or had their reputations publically slandered and attacked.  In many cases the children were placed in the hands of their abusers.

See below for names of the CT victims of this travesty:

Susan Skipp, Falsely accused
Angela Hickman, Falsely accused
Kathi Sorrentino, Falsely accused
Maureen Strathearn, Falsely accused
Sandra MacVicar, Falsely accused
Sunny Kelley, Falsely accused
Mia Farrow, Falsely accused
Karyn Gil, Falsely accused
Leslie Cox, Falsely accused
Carol Krukiel, Falsely accused
Marlene Dybek, Falsely accused
Jane Doe 1, Falsely accused
Jane Doe 2, Falsely accused
Jane Doe 3, Falsely accused
and many more!

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  1. Catherine,
    I have been reading your blog every day for the past 4 years. This is the first time I've ever posted anything on it. I can see that you work very hard on this blog and of course are very passionate about it. I was a victim of family court abuse. My ex and my 2 beautiful children were allowed to move 1000 miles away from CT 4 years ago, almost half way across the country and have been alienated from them since.
    You are working so hard to try to expose and raise the myriad of problems in family court, but in your list above, why isin't there ONE single fathers name in there? I know you are fighting a very noble fight, but time and time again after years, your posts are slanted towards women being abused and not men, over and over again. It is of my humble opinion that your blog would have much more validity to it if gender-wise, it was a bit more balanced. The fact that you call PAS or parental alienation "fathers rights people choose to designate it" What people are that? I find that disgusting. What you're accomplishing by making posts like this, is to create in-fighting amongst all of the male and female parents who have been abused in family court, and I'm just suggesting that perhaps you make it a bit more balanced. If a newbie father were to go on this sight for the first time, he may quickly make a determination that this is a father haters website and quickly, discount it, when there is some outstanding pieces that you have written over the years on this site. Just a suggestion Catherine. But all in all, I do really appreciate all of the work you have put into this. It made me realize that I was not alone and helped me a great deal with some of the articles that you have posted. Take care and I hope you didn't this post too offensive, but perhaps a more gender-wise balanced approach would give this blog so much more validity.
    Best regards,