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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Joette Katz, Chair 
Robert Mitchell, Vice Chair


Proloy K. Das
Felice Duffy
Robert Farr
Eugene Fidell
Mary Galvin
Elizabeth Gilson
Rachel Goldberg
Wesley W. Horton
Jocelyn Kennedy
David King
Daniel J. Klau
James B. Lyon
Eugene Marconi
Sean McElligott
Dwight H. Merriam
Dennis C. Murphy
Alan Neigher
Louis R. Pepe
Michelle Querijero
Eugene Riccio
Thomas B. Scheffey
Mark Soboslai
James F. Sullivan
Cecil Thomas
Thomas J. Ullman
Diane Whitney
Steven Wizner


  1. On 2/26/15 this blog published Michael Nowacki's FOIA request to Joette Katz, which listed the CT Law Tribune's editorial board members at that time--which differed as to some individuals on the board at the present time,and the absence of others. Both lists may differ from the list of individuals on the CLT editorial board at the time of the events referred to in Norm Pattis' 2012 blog re-published below. Therefore, it's misleading to connect all the individuals on the present CLT board with an editorial published 5 years ago re Pattis.

    1. Joette is one common denominator! But I don't think we are misleading is any way. The Editorial Board was spineless in the old days--see Norm's article--and it is spineless now--see the ridiculous article on self represented parties and the Dianne Hart-D'Amato case.

    2. The anti-semite family court circus blog has now spread the same meme of poor Norm's 5-yr-old issue with the CLT, particularly with Joette Katz. The CLT has also chided the courts for unequal protection of pro ses--see "Pro ses batting zero" article re deprivation of certification to the Supreme Court.

    3. The bottom line is you have thousands of articles produced by the CT Law Tribune, and you mention a single one that actually says something valuable re the denial of self represented appeals going to the Supreme Court. This blog has almost 2000 blogs posted in regard to specific corrupt and illegal actions carried out by the CT Family Court System and none of the issues addressed in this blog have ever appeared in the pages of the CT Law Tribune. Perhaps a few ceremonious ones along the way, but to this day there is no concrete and legitimate attempt on the part of the CT Law Tribune to address the fundamental violations of citizens constitutional, human, and civil rights taking place daily in the Family Court System. These are serious matters. Alone, the fact that one article this blog posted re the illegal practice of attorneys withdrawing from cases like the day before trial, entitled "Going, Going, Gone" remains, after 7 years a number one popular hit article garnering tens of thousands of page views each day reveals that there are chronic, serious, ethical and legal violations taking place in CT Family Court. The fact that the CT Law Tribune doodles around and does nothing about this, says nothing, takes no actions to investigate and root out the problem indicates that it is a spineless journal with zero ethical, moral, or journalistic foundation. I began with some respect for this journal; at this time, I have absolutely none. Yes, anti-semitic, the family circus blog. But what is it talking about. It is talking about a former CT state prosecutor who is faking--yes, I said that--faking, that he is a resident of CT--in order to bring completely unfounded criminal charges of custodial interference against the mother of his child. This is when the guy voluntarily left the state and voluntarily decided not to see the child even though he had many opportunities to do so. And this is only one of the many illegal actions of this fellow aided and abetted by a corrupt family court system. So, you may object to this anti-semitic internet rag, but why hasn't the perfectly wishy washy so called CT Law Tribune reported on this matter? Is it possible it doesn't want to speak up about the corrupt and unethical actions of its own people while pointing the fingers at others such as self-represented parties--self represented parties who are most often self represented because the legal profession itself has across the board abdicated its responsibility to represent those parties? Enough with nonsense like yours!