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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The Connecticut Law Tribune
August 8, 2013
"We were taught in law school that the justice system in the United States is based upon the adversarial system. We learned that the adversarial system is a two-sided structure wherein a judge or jury hears civil and criminal disputes, and parties are represented by counsel who can call witnesses and offer evidence by asking questions of the witnesses."
Read more as Attorney Arthur Rutkin deconstructs the family court system in Connecticut.  See below:

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  1. I cancelled a meeting with my attorney because my spouse scheduled at the last minute a visit to a camp one time. I received an angry email from my spouse shortly afterwards asking me whether I was happy now as my spouse had cancelled the visit. I sent my spouse an email explaining that I had nothing to do with the cancelled visit, it was the attorney's doing. But my spouse could not see that. I on the otherhand could rise above the situation and see the real picture and know that this and many other similar behavior on the part of the lawyers involved such as the many emailed threats and lies I received from the GAL in my case were the GAL's own doing hiding behind my spouse.
    My disgusting excuse for an attorney apparently had called her attorney and complained about the last minute plans. This is just one simple example on how these sorry excuses for human beings use the inherent trust between the parties to further their OWN goals, not those of the couple. Then they have the audacity to go before a judge and say it's ALL the couple's fault.
    Their conduct is disgusting. Unfortunately in a highly contested situation, you do not have a chance as a Pro Se against an attorney.