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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


For many years now, there have been many complaints from protective mothers in regard to custody evaluator Dr. James Connolly.  Are you one such victim?  If so, this website would be interested in hearing from you.   

If you believe that Dr. Connolly invented the information he placed in your custody evaluation, if he misrepresented the facts in your case, if you discovered he deceived you into believing you had his support when you did not, if he charged you large sums of money for his work and did not deliver, if he failed to adhere to the APA standards for custody evaluations, if he inserted quack science such as parental alienation syndrome (PAS) or its equivalent in your evaluation, if he allowed your ex to put your children at risk of injury and did nothing about it, or committed any other malfeasance of this kind, please let us know.  

We can be contacted at the following email address:

All communications will be held strictly confidential. 


  1. This guy sounds like a doofus and a professional whackjob. I wouldn't hire him to clean my toilets let alone evaluate my children.

    I hired an old, crusty hag named Elizabeth Braunstein who sounds like the female version of this guy. A mentally ill seeming grandma from hell with crony pals like Randy Kolin out of Walnut Creek, California (Randy is another devout PAS peddler) and who has defrauded a number of parents.

    If you hear the name "Betsy Braunstein" run, don't walk. She is known to favor men primarily but often will side with whoever side whose lawyer she's networked with.

  2. I am ! It has been a horrible thing . With life long effects on my son !

    1. Can you contact me, Suzanne?

    2. yes is all true but what happened with this criminals inside the court sistem

    3. call me or contact me for interview abused immigrant minority mother in court 11 years and still abused from ex husband and the nanny girlfriend stories ...where is my child ..3 years zero parenting time and alienation of the minor and false sole custody..false sole custody papers ..inside bridgeport ct family court

  3. Having been through all those let me say there is a burgeoning need for solid custody evaluators to serve as "expert witnesses" at family court hearings (jury/bench or private judge) supporting the mother or father in custody hearings Same with "Jury selection experts" (what a racket!) All these appendages to family court..its wonderful! Ten years from now if colleges and secondaries had any brains, their curriculum development think tanks would be formalize course curriculum for these "professions" . All costly as a heck.

  4. There needs to by some form of"regulation" on so many phases of the myriad corrupt segments of the family court process, state by state..what a pipedream. As mentioned before state politicians are the logical white Knight candidates however their participation in CT the silence is deafening. I've always said it's one thing to read a horrific stories in this site, it's a whole other thing to actually experience the horrific family court corrupt act leading to punitive results. Until decisionmakers/politicians and other CT movers and shakers personally experience these horror stories (or their families/close relatives) I predict they stay in deep slumber and the gauntlet remains with these site participants, a handful of noble CT legislators, civil litigants and just plain fun good folks.