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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


It is with sadness that I have to report the death of Jonathan P. Wiegand who died suddenly on Friday August 11, 2017.  See link:

During the 1990s, as a child of 4, Jonathan was in the center of an extremely controversial custody case in which his mother, Linda Wiegand, accused the stepfather, Thomas Wilkinson, of sexually abusing his stepson, Jonathan, and their younger son, Ben (3).  At one point, Ms. Wiegand fled to Las Vegas and two years later was discovered and charged with custodial interference.  

Jonathan P. Wiegand
This case set the stage for future custody switching schemes in which protective mothers in the State of Connecticut have lost custody, and indeed, all access to their children who are then transferred into the sole custody of the fathers who abused them.  The players in her case subsequently went on to become involved in other cases where good parents lost custody of their children.  This includes Judge Herbert Barall, Dr. Kenneth Robson, Attorney Louis Kiefer, and Dr. James C. Black.

While the Connecticut Family Court system failed to adequately investigate the charges in order to determine whether they were credible or not, Jonathan himself subsequently told family court advocates in private conversations that the charges were true.  Regardless of whether his statement was accurate, or whether he felt the need to protect his mother, or he spoke out of some other motivation, this is what he stated in recent years as an adult.  

The Wiegand/Wilkinson case lasted for the better part of a decade, during which time Jonathan and his brother Ben were subjected to intensive interrogations from a broad range of professionals in regard to the sexual abuse they allegedly experienced.  If it is true, as his obituary states, that Jonathan had a "photographic memory", then these interrogations must have remained in his consciousness with an intensity and clarity that people like us cannot help wondering may have been a contributing factor to his death.  

On March 18, 2013", an article by Amanda Falcone of The Hartford Courant" reported on Jonathan's sense of loss and longing in regard to his mother.  See link:

It begins with the words, "Every night Jonathan Wiegand sleeps with a picture his mother painted under his pillow, near a photo of her on his nightstand."  This was when he was 27 years old.  

When the Connecticut Family Court System disrupts the bonds between parents and children, the resulting emotional harm and damage is severe and often irreversible.  While we have the opportunity here to see the results of the Court's actions further down the line in the death of Jonathan Wiegand, there is no doubt in my mind that in addition to Jonathan, there are many, many other deaths, suicides, and lives profoundly scarred and truncated as a consequence of Court ordered parental deprivation.  

According to studies, it appears that 58,000 children per year are placed in the hands of the parent who abused them.  This adds up to thousands and thousands of lives destroyed.  Again, while we cannot know the truth of the allegations in Jonathan Wiegand's case, since the case was never adequately litigated, it is beyond doubt that he was a victim of a corrupt Family Court system in Connecticut, and, as one of its most prominent victims, his death is a loss to everyone here in the State of Connecticut who has been subjected to the abuse of family court.  His obituary states that "he always had a smile for those around him."  In addition, he took the time to meet with family court victims to provide his support, sympathy, and wisdom, all of which will be sorely missed.

Jonathan Wiegand was put into the sole custody of his stepfather, Tom Wilkinson, at the age of 10 and was not able to see or speak to his mother again until the age of 18.  At that time, Jonathan Wiegand was able to meet with his mother on a few occasions, although the circumstances were difficult since the Town of Simsbury still maintained an outstanding warrant for her arrest on charges of custodial interference.  During his last meeting with her, she informed him that she had a brain tumor.  It is unknown where she is now and what was the outcome of her medical condition.

At this time, I would like to correct a few inaccuracies that appear to have crept into the record in regard to the Wiegand/Wilkinson case.  Jonathan's obituary reports that Thomas W. Wilkinson is Jonathan P. Wiegand's father.  In fact, Tom Wilkinson is not Jonathan Wiegand's biological father; he is Jonathan's stepfather.  It is possible Mr. Wilkinson could claim to be Jonathan Wiegand's father if he had adopted Jonathan.  However, it is my understanding--perhaps someone could fill me in on this--that Thomas Wilkinson never adopted Jonathan.  Benjamin Wilkinson is Jonathan Wiegand's half brother. 

There is also no mention of Linda Wiegand or any of her side of the family in the obituary.  Even when Jonathan Wiegand is dead, Thomas Wilkinson appears to have a need to lay a claim on Jonathan Wiegand which he has no right to.  While it doesn't prove anything, it certainly raises eyebrows.

For another inaccuracy, in her article on Jonathan Wiegand and his Mom, Amanda Falcone of The Hartford Courant states that Linda Wiegand "never showed up in court" to face the custodial interference charges against her.  

Linda Wiegand returned to Connecticut after being located in Las Vegas with her children.  She then continued to litigate her case for an additional four years before her final defeat in 2000.  In a case primarily notable for its judicial malfeasance and corruption, I am sure there are many reasons why that charge wasn't eventually addressed in criminal court.  I'm sure they had nothing to do with anything such as she didn't care or that she in any way felt the charges were justified, as is implied by the manner in which Ms. Falcone worded the sentence.  

I can only imagine the many subtle inaccuracies and slurs against his mother that Jonathan P. Wiegand endured in his life time.  But one thing I do know is that Mr. Wiegand was a brave and giving individual who did what he could to assist those of us in the family court reform movement.  

Rest in peace, Comrade.  For you the struggle is over.

For more information on the Linda Wiegand/Thomas Wilkinson case, see the link below:

For those who are interested in the impact of adverse childhood experiences on individuals, please see the link below:


  1. I am afraid that family courts and the AFCC have destroyed many lives and are responsible for the deaths of many individuals.

  2. No matter what the mother did, whether she was in the right or wrong for doing what she did, whether it was to protect her sons or all made up, doesn't mean you don't put her & her side of family in the obituary. That is just wrong & vindictive of the stepfather even after he "won" in court. Is it maybe possible the stepdad didn't know if mom was still alive or where she lived to inform her? You could still put her name in the obit.

    1. It is unsaid, but I think we all know what killed this young man--an evil, corrupt, family court system and litigants who are groomed by their attorneys to disregard the consequences of their bullying behavior.

    2. I find this unimaginable child abuse ruining the entire families just unfathomable abuse of power

    3. Only his father and brother were mentioned- it is believed the mother is dead since she has not been in contact with her son since 2010. That is what Jonathan has said on numerous occasions

  3. The Federal Fatherhood Initiative dictates even abusers get custody. This is a National Crisis and until we cut off the federal fatherhood Initiative funding and give the victims legal resources these tragedies will continue to spiral out of control.