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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Some of you, like me, have spent quite a bit of time in Church and so you think, well, isn't that where I should be able to get some support? After all, aren't those Christians supposed to love one another. What was that other line, "And you will know they are Christians by their love."

Well, ok, that was for when you were a fine, upstanding, not divorced member of the community contributing actual money to the Church. Unless you are a direct relative of one of the families that founded the Church and still run it now, don't expect to get any kind of help from a Church, particularly if you are divorcing an abusive ex husband who is especially charming to the deacons and the pastor who is most likely pretty half baked.

Love one another. What kind of baloney is that!

Ladies, I want to clue you into something that you should have always known but you will tell me now that you didn't know it. The Church is on the side of the guys, was always on the side of the guys and will always be on the side of the guys, forever and ever. Amen.

So, if you are in a situation where you haven't got enough money to pay for food and you can't afford gas to run the family car, don't go looking for the Church to help you fix that problem because they really couldn't care less. You are walking away from your hard working husband who has supported your lazy ass for years and you should be ashamed of yourself.

In fact, you should be amazed they even remember who you are, particularly if you haven't volunteered for something recently. I mean, I'll never forget the time I received a sympathy card from the Church after the death of my father and my father wasn't even dead, although superstitious as I am, I began to feel a little nervous that I might be getting some bad news soon.

I mean, please. Churches are the coldest places in the world, filled with some of the lyingest, meanest people you will ever meet. So, sure, look out for support, but don't look for it in a Church.


  1. Cathi, you probably didn't mean for this to be funny, but it is totally hilarious. I feel the same way about churches even though I am not divorced. I refuse to congregate with these hypocrites anymore. Churches have a business model and a business plan and a balance sheet and a bank accounts and financial advisors. Do you think Jesus anticipated any of that? And furthermore, any entity that has all of that is a business. And unless there is a way they can monetize their sympathy, I pretty much doubt they give a shit about any of us and what we are going through....well, maybe it depends on the church. Some churches have groups that are really into supporting each other. But my ex Church? Girl, please. But I was excited to see the Pope a few years back in the ballpark up in the Bronx. It drew me to tears.

  2. Catholic Church is a huge part of problem in dcf and family courts. Arch diosece of Hartford receives millions in fed funding for Fh funding. Also how about mandated classs for divorce-250- only held in catholic family charities. According to 990s they dump money at many dead link businesses.